About AIA Expert Care in a Beautiful Mountain Setting

About AIA

Above It All Treatment Centers has held successful rehabilitation treatment programs for those who have suffered from addiction to drugs, alcohol and mental disorders for many years. Our treatment centers – located high in the mountains above Los Angeles, California near Lake Arrowhead – are set in a peaceful mountain forest retreat that is conducive to healing and self-reflection. Both literally and metaphorically, Above It All Treatment’s residential treatment facilities are set high above the urban cities and lifestyles in California that can sometimes hinder our life goals, self-confidence and a clear view of life and well-being. By offering a sanctuary above all of life’s troubles and stresses, Above It All Treatment can better successfully treat our residents in a calming and open environment.

The Above It All Addiction Treatment Staff:

Our clinical programs incorporate techniques for treatment that have proven to be successful. We offer a range of treatment options to fit every type of individual and addiction. We believe that our high success rates stem from the perfect balance of clinical treatment and holistic therapies that are provided by our experienced, knowledgeable and caring staff. Read More>>

Successful Addiction Treatment Testimonials:


It is our belief that every individual that enters into rehab treatment, and begins the process of healing, is already a success story. We are always celebrating the successes of our residents and in hopes of helping others find their own path to recovery, these graduates want to share their inspirational stories and personal testimonials of successful rehabilitation. Read More>>

A Message from Our Owner:

Kory Avarell, Owner of Above It All Treatment, redefines devotion with his hands-on approach to the treatment of those addicted to drugs and alcohol. Making a connection to every single life that enters through the doors of Above It All, success and sobriety of each individual is as important to Kory and the rest of the staff as it is for those seeking treatment. Read More>>

Above It All Treatment Mission Statement:

Above It All Treatment strives to provide comprehensive treatment to those caught in the grasp of addiction. By utilizing the 12-step addiction recovery model – coupled with therapy, counseling and support – we challenge and inspire the will to change in each individual. Only strength, perseverance, and dedication can trump addiction, and we instill these values into each of our patients – giving them the tools they need in recovery and for continued sobriety in the following weeks, months and years to come. Read More>>

Rehab Center Licensing and Accreditations:

Above It All Treatment is a fully-accredited, licensed facility center in California. Our addiction treatment team is dedicated to providing the highest standards and practices for our residents and their families. We are continually building upon experience, and moving our treatment models forward with the latest addiction counseling techniques and healthcare procedures. Read More>>

We understand there are many drug and alcohol treatment centers in California you can choose from. When you enter in to a treatment program at Above It All, you will be treated with the highest level of care and respect.

Let the beauty of nature assist in your recovery.
Call 877-941-0879 today to learn more about our programs.

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