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Our Staff


Kory Avarell

Owner / CEO Above It All Treatment Center

Kory is truly a 100% hands on owner making sure each and every person who comes to Above It All Treatment Center gets the care that they need. Kory meets every patient personally and manages everything from the staff, operations, admissions, transportation, insurance and even the building maintenance. No detail is left unnoticed, especially your level of quality care.


Albert Magee

Recovery Counselor

Al has been in recovery from drugs and alcohol for almost thirty years. He is very active in his own recovery and gets great satisfaction working with clients just beginning their journey in recovery. His immense practical knowledge about recovery, and extensive experience in both A.A. and N.A., is shared daily with clients in the Step Groups that he runs. Al’s goal in his work is to “help awaken as many people to the joys and happiness that recovery from drugs and alcohol can bring.” Al is currently completing the final coursework for his alcohol and drug certificate.


Dennis Wright

RASI, Counselor

Dennis Wright is a Southern California- born and raised counselor who found freedom in the 12 step fellowships 33 years ago. Struggling for the first ten years, because of continuous relapses, Dennis has now accumulated 23 continuous years of clean and sober time. Dennis has a strong belief in the power of the 12 step program, and is a firm believer that anyone can return to a full life of sobriety with a little help. A note from Dennis:“I am just getting started on life because I know that if I remain clean and sober, I can have all my dreams. It is never too late and we are never too old to have it all. I have a genuine love for you and anyone who has to struggle with the disease of addiction and alcoholism. God Bless you, Jesus loves you, thank you.”


Marsha Vonlinsowe

CADC-II, Program Director

Marsha is a CADC-II with ICRC REPROCITY. She has been sober and active in Alcoholics Anonymous for 17 years along with being a member of Ala-non for 19 years. She graduated from California Paramedical Technical College in 2002 with honors. Her career path in the helping services began as Executive Director of “A Door of Hope” in Apple Valley, CA. Marsha’s desire to empower male and female victims of Domestic Violence became a focus in her life. She uses a combination of Domestic Violence education along with a 12-Step component to teach women & men how to empower themselves and stop a pattern of abuse. As more people became involved, it was apparent that addiction played a huge part in their lives. Marsha’s passion is family education about addiction, breaking the cycle and restoring hope to addicts/alcoholics and their loved ones. Marsha’s experience has helped prepare her for most any situation. Marsha has been an educator of Anger Management and Domestic violence in residential treatment facilities. She has counseled in outpatient services, residential services, as well as Chino Institute for Men. Marsha has an extensive background in Private Party Planning, Wedding Coordinating and Country Club membership. She also enjoys an extensive amount of experience in Executive Administration. Marsha enjoys spending time with friends, family and grandchildren. She loves animals and is especially attached to her Bassett Hound, Mollie and her Bassett Mix, Wiggie.


Matthew Warren

CADC-II, ICADC, Primary Counselor

As a result of intensive effort to understand and address my own substance dependence issues, I have found myself inspired to share recovery solutions and revelations with those anxious to find answers and solutions to their own personal substance abuse related dilemmas. During my career I have targeted the understanding of neuro associations, behavioral and philosophical reinforcement, the disease concept, loss of choice and the impact of these on the mind, body and spirit of individuals and their families. New revelations are emerging that give us exciting proposals for recovery and total life changes today. By using music, skits, nature, activities, group processing, the 12 steps, educational classroom presentations and developing community spirit we will gain vision of rewarding and fulfilling alternatives to chemical addiction. I look forward to being a part of your best life ever.

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