Empowering Yourself in Addiction Recovery

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Addiction recovery is about changing your thoughts, actions, and life to support a fulfilling substance-free lifestyle. In rehab, you will be surrounded by people supporting your efforts and teaching you strategies to prevent relapse and continue moving forward. However, these changes rely on you and your efforts; no one can do it for you. Therefore, finding ways to empower and motivate yourself is important.

Challenge yourself: Try things that you’ve never done before or didn’t think you could do. With some practice, effort, and focus, you may surprise yourself. Oftentimes people doubt their abilities, so don’t let your own uncertainties hold you back.

Do things for yourself: Don’t always rely on others to do things that you are capable of doing yourself. Family and friends want to help, but learn to stand on your own two feet and take control of your life. Find other ways they can support you without enabling.

Learn from challenges: Let mistakes and obstacles serve as lessons that empower you to make positive changes moving forward. Don’t let them get you down. Prove to yourself that you are strong and capable, and move on, lesson learned.

Break down larger goals: Is there a big goal that you want to accomplish? Break it into smaller, more manageable parts. You don’t want to take on too much and set yourself up for disappointment. Build yourself up and take it step by step, growing your confidence and determination as you go.

Oftentimes our biggest critic is ourselves. You already made one of the hardest choices, and that was admitting that you needed help and entering treatment. Keep moving forward and proving to yourself and others that recovery is possible. Relapse doesn’t have to be a part of your journey; Above It All can help you overcome addition and empower yourself in recovery.


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Whether you’re entering recovery for the first time or recovering from relapse, Above It All provides the treatment you need to feel more confident.
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