How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

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Drug addiction affects millions of Americans every year. It is the leading cause of accidental death and drug use and drug-related deaths have been on the rise over the past several years. However, despite the growing alarm for drug addiction in this country, it’s been reported that only one 1 in 10 people with drug or alcohol addiction receive treatment.

There are many factors that contribute to this lack of rehab participation, but resources like private health insurance and financing or payment plans can help to make sure that cost isn’t one of them. The value of drug addiction treatment far outweighs the financial cost because it gives you a healthier, positive chance at life. Depending on what kind of treatment you seek, it will vary from state to state and facility to facility.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse shows the cost effectiveness of treatment is far greater than allowing addiction to go untreated. So, how much does rehab cost? The answer is that it ranges. Drug detox may be hundred dollars a day, while a full, inpatient stay may equal thousands of dollars. It depends on where you receive treatment, how long you are in rehab, and other key factors. The important thing to focus on is getting the right kind of treatment that will work best for you as your first priority.

Finding Treatment That Works For You

Investing in substance abuse treatment that is the right fit for you and aligns with your personal recovery goals will pay off by helping you find a brighter future down the road. What this translates to is: when it comes to addiction treatment, you get what you pay for. The cheapest options may not have programs that specialize in preventing relapse. If you don’t go somewhere that is suited to your specific rehab needs, it could mean a return visit to rehab, which could become more costly than you originally anticipated. The best treatment programs offer a sobriety guarantee (link to rehab guarantee page), which helps qualified patients return for complementary treatment if they relapse. This is a huge financial safety net, helping to avoid more treatment costs down the road.

When selecting a treatment facility, it’s your health that must be considered first and foremost. When you have the opportunity to work with experienced medical staff and counseling support to help you through your drug addiction and see you through the beginning stages of your recovery, it will continue to pay off years down the road.

Overcoming drug addiction is life changing, not only for your physical health, but also for your mental wellness, relationships, and overall outlook on life. If you are concerned with the cost of rehab, bring that up with the facility in the beginning or talk it over with your loved ones who may be trying to help. Set up a spreadsheet to keep track of costs as you compare treatment options.

What Will Determine Rehab Cost?

Location. There are beautiful rehab facilities around the world set in peaceful locations with a suite of amenities to offer its patients. These provide the kind of environment that will allow you to focus on your sobriety without interruption to the outside world, but extra services can be more costly. However, there are wonderful facilities that can also provide a tranquil setting.

Facility Reputation. You want the best possible support team of medical and drug treatment professionals available to you. This means people who have the credentials to treat you, but also have the time to give you and your addiction the time and attention it needs. Find out how many people are treated in your facility and what the average time spent one-on-one with doctors and counselors usually is. Make sure the spot you choose gives you what you deserve in regards to your treatment. A facility that is understaffed or receives poor reviews from previous patients may need more research before making a commitment.

Financing. When considering cost for anything, it comes down to affordability. What can you afford? How will you be able to pay for expenses? Maybe it’s through financial assistance, savings, or fully covered by your insurance. Maybe it’s through a facility-specific payment arrangement. Consider all your options and know that those who want to help you will find every way possible to make it work. Think about what you’ll be receiving for the cost – your sobriety, your sense of self, and your commitment to a healthy life.

Programs. Outpatient care will typically cost less than inpatient care. However, if you opt for inpatient treatment, these program costs can vary as well due to the varying stay lengths. A program that sets you up for success can prevent the cost of having to go through rehab multiple times. Use the tools and resources available and make the most of your time in rehab.

The Importance of Detoxing in a Safe Environment

Detox is critical to any type of drug addiction treatment. You will have to go through this stage first before beginning any additional care. The time it takes to go through withdrawal and detox varies from person to person, so the experience won’t be the exact same for everyone.

If you’ve been addicted for several years, it may take longer for the drugs to be rid from your system. Side effects may be more severe and cravings may be stronger than expected. It’s the first few days that are typically the most difficult. And, it’s at this time where you will want the help of others the most. Those who are well-equipped to handle detox situations can help you be as comfortable and pain-free as possible. They can help set you up with estimated expectations for how long detox may take.

Trying to go through this process alone is rarely successful and can mean your treatment will be further delayed. A treatment facility is able to carefully monitor your progress in a secure environment, so you are not influenced by outside cravings or temptations. It’s a way to keep you on a positive path so you don’t take step backwards toward your sobriety, but rather keep moving forward.

It’s important to remember that there is no perfect detox or recovery timeline. Your main priority should be finding a program that will set you up for long-term success. Trying to cut your stay short is never the answer and can lead to an increased likelihood of relapse. If you have questions about what your timeline may look like don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our treatment specialist today.

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Setting Yourself Up For Long-term Recovery

There are necessary parts to every rehab stay that are non-negotiable (such as the detox period), but the type of care you receive and where you choose to receive it is up to you. Personalize your treatment plan to what is in your best interest. Where do you feel most comfortable? If you think inpatient care would be of most valuable to you, consider what will be included in the costs.

Housing. Inpatient care means you will take up temporary residency at the facility of your choice. This includes accommodations and meals. It’s everything you would need in your day-to-day living as provided by the facility for a 30-day stay or longer. With this decision, consider the location of the facility as well. For some, proximity to family members is a priority while others find more success in removing themselves from their home environment where they can focus on their recovery away from people who may have encouraged bad habits.

Counseling. Addressing the challenges of addiction and what causes cravings are important to tackle while in rehab. Ridding your body of the drug physically is one thing, but letting go of it emotionally is something separate. You will be connected with a team of support who can help you through finding the answers to many of your addiction questions. This includes one-on-one sessions where you can get to the root of many issues that have contributed to your drug use.

Group therapy and support. You shouldn’t ever have to feel alone in your treatment. Remember that millions of people are suffering from drug addiction every year, but you are one that has chosen to receive help for yours. That already can feel like a big step and it is, but the transition may be difficult. The change may be hard to understand or feel overwhelming. By talking through these challenges with others who have experienced similar situations can be therapeutic and beneficial to your treatment.

Educational and coping tools. Part of drug rehab also teaches you how to deal with the outside world once you have completed your stay and are newly sober. This can be a transition that takes time to get used to. The new direction is positive, but when drugs have controlled your life for so long, knowing how to function without them may call for some re-learning of certain skills and communication tactics.

This is all just part of the fully run plan you get when you decide to choose inpatient rehab. Everything you experience is designed to set you up for success, so you don’t have to repeat the process and so you can remain sober.

You have this opportunity available to you, but you also must be an active participant, in order for it to be a good investment. You’ll find the value of rehab carry on throughout your years and continue to benefit long after you leave its doors. With the right focus and determination, you will find the strength to achieve sobriety through the aid of others.

The Value of Rehab

Cost is about the numbers, the line-itemed expenses. But value is how you’ll benefit from drug rehab both during and after its complete. The thing about value is you can’t be a number on it. What it means for you and your future is immeasurable. It’s a big change for your life to give you the opportunities you may have not have had before.

Drug rehab allows you a chance to improve your health, improve your relationships, and improve your life. When you don’t get help for what is truly a disease, you leave yourself vulnerable to continuing to make bad choices that can have a serious impact on the health and happiness or you and your loved ones. Whether it’s divorce or estrangement from loved ones, legal bills, or time spent in jail, the cost of not going to rehab is just not worth it.

Speak With a Professional

Before getting too overwhelmed in the numbers, ask for help. Ask for explanation of costs. Ask for assistance from those close to you to figure out expenses for you. Before it becomes too overwhelming, take hold of the hands reached out to guide you. Our team of specialist are more than happy to help you work through the cost and come up with a plan that puts treatment first and costs second.

After all is said and done, there’s no denying that cost is a factor that has to be considered when choosing a treatment facility, but the value of seeking help can’t be ignored. Your life is valuable no matter what the cost might be.

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