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Where do you begin when researching treatment facilities for addiction? Do you go online? Do you ask for referrals from family, friends, co-workers? Or, do you read reviews from others? Most likely it’s a combination of all three to get a full picture of the positives and negatives of places available. Whether you are seeking solutions for yourself or for a loved one that could benefit from treatment, it’s always a good idea to read others’ experiences for the places you’re considering.

Yelp reviews help with anything you’re searching for, so it’s no wonder the platform would be used for researching rehabilitation centers and treatment facilities as well. After all, the feedback left there is in the words of real-life experiences. Having free access to this information provides a value for those who are looking for help and also gives added assurance that our inpatient program is truly effective.

When reading through Above It All Treatment Center reviews, keep in mind that Yelp’s algorithm may have hidden certain ones from view. Take a look at more than one to get an idea of what to expect. You can filter reviews by most recent, newest reviews, oldest reviews, highest rated, lowest rated, and those left by Yelp Elites. You can also read through testimonials left by alumni members of our recovery program. Read the Above it All Rehab reviews below to find out what helped others through their treatment and see if their stories help encourage you to receive help, too.

We are thankful for the outpouring of positive responses we have received over the years from people whose lives we have helped through our program. It means we are doing our part to help people fight their addiction and learn about what it takes to lead a sober lifestyle. Let’s take a look at some of the Above It All Treatment Center reviews posted and break down the key parts of what we offer through our program that are highlighted.

Creating a Place Where People Can Feel Comfortable

“I absolutely love the staff at this great facility. They cared about me and were invested in my recovery. The facilities are great and they have their own gym, boats and horses! They truly cared about me and challenged me to swallow my pride and break down my issues. Thank you AIA for everything, I’m ready for my new life.” – 5-star review from Kevin M.

Read Kevin M.‘s review of Above It All Treatment Center on Yelp

Kevin M.’s review speaks to the facilities and amenities we have at Above It All that helps those who stay here feel more comfortable. Although there is a clear direction and schedules to follow with any recovery program, there is also time for reflection and activity.

We believe in a holistic approach to treatment and that wouldn’t be possible without taking the advantage of the beautiful, natural setting that surrounds us. In addition to the gym, boats, and horses we have onsite, there are also walking paths, board games, and open, bright communal areas to socialize and enjoy free time.

As Kevin points out, we are also highly invested in the people who seek treatment from us. It’s important that we give our all for every person that passes through our doors. Since each person has a different story when they start inpatient treatment here, we want to customize the experience as much as possible.

Assisting Friends and Family Members Seeking Treatment for a Loved One

“As someone who knows a friend who went to Above It All for 60 days, I can personally recommend this treatment center for anyone looking to help someone in need of help from a destructive addiction. Their pictures on their website are beautiful but when I visited I couldn’t help but notice how nice their facilities are including the surrounding National Forest. Every building we went to had to be built within the last five years. Staff was more than accommodating to help point us in the right direction of where to grab lunch and a cup of coffee. A truly special place to send anyone you know needs help, even if they don’t fully agree at first.” – 5-star review from Stephanie C.

Read Stephanie C.‘s review of Above It All Treatment Center on Yelp

Many of the people we receive inquiries from are friends or family members seeking treatment for a loved one. Addiction doesn’t only affect those who are suffering from it; it also weighs heavy on those who care about them. That’s why it’s important that we have a facility that people feel like is a secure and safe place for their loved ones to receive care and go through recovery.

We are fortunate to be located in such a pretty area of California surrounded by the lake, trees, and mountains in the distance. We chose this destination on purpose because it provides a calming atmosphere for those who are going through our recovery program. It’s nice to be away from the chaos of everyday life when being treated from addiction, in order to help focus on the situation at hand, free from distraction.

As Stephanie points out, it’s not always easy to convince someone to seek the help they need. But if you do some research ahead of time and can see for yourself it’s a place of peace and tranquility, it can help as a positive factor to encourage someone to dedicate themselves to treatment. The setting is where the program starts, but it’s the different stages of care we offer that truly make a difference for the people we help. All of it works together to create a plan that is designed to be sustainable in the future. Once the mountains are a memory, we still don’t want your treatment to be.

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Giving People the Tools They Need to Achieve Sobriety Long-Term

“I attended above it all on 8/28/13 and will be celebrating a year next month (no fronts!!). I have been to a handful of centers/detoxes and this one by far made me feel the most comfortable. The detox house was beyond beautiful and the staff was very nice. When moved to the other house we were right on the lake. The house managers were amazing and made me feel at home. Very mom like which I appreciated, but also stern which we all needed. I made friends fast and still talk to some of them today.

The groups were educational and one therapist actually had a group on kratom because I was also there for that. She educated everyone else on it and i was amazed at a counselor who finally had heard me through all these years. I liked the fact that the men and women were separated so I could focus on me this time instead of a rehab romance. The weather was amazing and cool up there as well. I would definitely recommend this treatment center to others . I am now about to work for a treatment center and I owe it all to this place for actually giving me the tools and helping me grow to become a productive member of society, Thank you AIA!!!” – 5-star review from Kaley L.

Read Kaley L.‘s review of Above It All Treatment Center on Yelp

We always smile when we read Above it All reviews from people who are celebrating their sobriety milestones. We want to create an atmosphere and program that makes anyone who visits here feel secure and as comfortable as possible throughout their treatment.

Kaley speaks specifically to the group therapy, which is such a huge component of the work we do in our inpatient treatment program, especially since we personalize the experience for each individual. It’s important for everyone to get the treatment they need from the program for their personal addiction. Both group and individual counseling are important to address issues head that led to the addiction or may trigger it in the future. In a group setting, it’s a way to hear from others who may have experienced similar situations to you. Sometimes getting the weight of your story off your chest can be the first steps toward recovery.

Education is also a main factor of our program, as we believe it’s not only about the physical act of withdrawing from drug use, but also understanding how addiction occurs. To learn how to cope in the future and start to identify what causes someone to be triggered to use will help once you’re no longer part of the program. That’s what we want. We want to help those who join us to get through recovery successfully but also to leave here feeling confident they can maintain their sobriety on their own.

Proven Reliability to Get People the Help They Need

“I personally sent an alcoholic friend to Above It All so that he could get the help he desperately needed. They got him set up with an assessment immediately after he agreed to seek treatment and the next day he was on the plane to California. I have nothing but great things to say about the way they handled getting him into their facility so quickly and he had nothing but gratitude for the staff at Above It All who helped him while he was there. I would recommend this treatment center to whomever has someone in their lives who desperately needs help. A+” – 5-star review from Jordan S.
Read Jordan S.‘s review of Above It All Treatment Center on Yelp

We know all too well how much time matters when it comes to alcoholism or addiction and helping to treat it. There is a short window of opportunity when someone might be willing to seek help and we don’t want to miss it. We would hate if the reason you didn’t reach out to someone was because we were not available. Fortunately, someone on our staff is always ready to speak with you, take your assessment, and provide next steps to enter our treatment program. Even if you have initial questions, we’re here to take those too.

When friends and family members see their loved ones hurting, days can feel like a lifetime. Every day matters when it comes to treating addiction and it’s important that anyone who has an experience with us knows that we take that seriously. We want to be available whenever, wherever it’s called upon.

Let Above It All Benefit You

Now that you’ve read some reviews from people who have been treated at or have sought help through our facilities, the question is: how can we help you? Our inpatient program is comprehensive and encompasses all stages of recovery, from our detoxification program to counseling and education into transitioning back to the “real world.” We are here through it all.

Our mission has always been to give people the support, tools, and resources they need to achieve long lasting sobriety. Our compassionate staff wants to set you up for success and give you what you need to stay strong through treatment and feel confident when your time with us is through. For this reason, we focus on relapse prevention and life skills and planning to ensure you are equipped with what you need for your next chapter in life.

We are licensed and accredited by California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), and CARF because we want to provide the very best in professionalism and qualifications we can for those who seek treatment here. We are transparent in the outcomes of the treatment we provide and we are fortunate to see so many that pass through our doors continue their sobriety on their own.

If you are serious about treating your addiction and are looking for help, call us today to speak with someone. We’ve shared a few of our past reviews to help illustrate part of what make up our facility and treatment center. We want anyone who choose to go through recovery here to benefit from the experienced staff we have, the thoroughness our program provides, and the beauty of our surroundings.

Our program has been proven to work and has given people the opportunity to continue on a healthier, more positive path for their future. Let us know how we can help you or your loved one today.

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