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Short Term Drug Rehab

short-term drug treatmentA 90-day rehab program may not always be an option for you or your loved one due to work or other family obligations. That is why we have created our 60-day short-term program to help individuals like you overcome their substance dependence in a relatively brief period of time.

There is no ‘quick fix’ for any addiction, and a short-term drug or alcohol treatment program may not be appropriate in every situation. However, after speaking to our admissions specialist, a short-term program may be deemed the best path for your recovery. In two short months, you or your loved one can be well on the road to a new life, through Above It All’s short-term rehab program.

Like our long-term inpatient program, our 60-day short-term program is also based on the 12-Step process for treating drug addiction and alcohol dependency, taking place in a comfortable residential environment, as opposed to the many traditional, hands-off, cookie-cutter programs out there. We have a more family-oriented, intimate approach, customized to your needs because we know that each client has unique circumstances and needs – one drug rehab program may work wonderfully for one person, but may not be as effective for the next.

As part of our program you will experience:

  • On-going education about your addiction
  • One-on-One Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Counseling
  • Life Skills Growth

short-term-2Regardless of the length of the program, our goal is always the same – to help our clients achieve total recovery and remain substance free for life. To do this, we infuse every moment you are here with the 12 steps and our holistic approach to treat you mind, body and spirit; we give you the tools needed to not only free yourself initially from your addiction, but to maintain that freedom and live a long, happy, sober life long after your stay here at Above It All Treatment Center.

As an addict, or a family member of an addict, you cannot let time be what stands in your path to a sober life. Your commitment to change, to follow the 12 steps taught to you, to practice the life skills shown to you are the cornerstones to your new life. The staff at Above It All is made of healthcare professionals and licensed therapists with many years of experience helping individuals of all walks of life achieve their own sobriety in both our short-term and long-term programs. Call us today, and discuss your path.

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