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Above It All Drug Treatment Center

All of our treatment programs are tailored to the individual needs of each person entering into our care. Although each drug treatment program is customized, the primary treatment process at our drug treatment center will always include the core therapies as outlined below.

Therapists at Above It All incorporate the 12-step recovery program into all our treatment plans. Thousands of people have found long-term recovery from alcoholism and addiction through this program. The 12 steps serve as a guide to help individuals connect with a higher power of their own understanding, with respect for all beliefs, religious or otherwise. This program also lays the groundwork for participation in a support group, which will help the client long after they have completed rehab.

Programs Offered at Our Drug Treatment Center

Our drug treatment center offers evidence-based techniques for recovery. The following therapies are used in combination at our residential treatment center to give clients the best recovery experience possible.

Holistic Treatment for the Mind, Body and Soul

In order to teach a balanced way of living, we must address all parts of the individual, not just the physical addiction. Holistic addiction treatment involves education and the practice of living a better, healthier life – from every aspect. When we integrate emotional and spiritual well-being into the physical healing process, we are treating the whole person. Our therapists use yoga, meditation, communing with nature, and nutrition as part of our holistic treatment. 


Experiential Treatment Activities

Experiential therapy is the practice of doing something physical for a therapeutic effect. Although many of our individual and group sessions include talk therapy and discussion groups, experiential therapy includes activities such as writing a poem, going for a hike, playing a musical instrument or even taking a cooking class. These sober activities are an essential part of holistic addiction treatment.

Family Counseling and On-going Support

Family involvement is an essential part of successful addiction recovery. Because the family is such a big part of the individual’s life, we have found it is extremely important to involve the family. When possible, we invite loved ones to participate in family support groups for drug addiction. We extend this support long after the resident graduates from our treatment program. 
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Custom Treatment and Clinical Care at our Drug Rehab Center

We believe in complete healing and providing the highest standards in client care. In addition to the above rehab treatment processes, we also include a number of different clinical and holistic techniques in each individual’s care plan.

Above It All Drug Rehab Center offers spiritual, emotional and physical healing through drug rehab, alcohol rehab, and dual diagnosis treatment programs.

Let the beauty of nature assist in your recovery.
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