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Above It All Dual Diagnosis Treatment

A dual diagnosis is the identification of more than one disease, ailment or disorder that occurs in an individual at the same time. In drug rehab and addiction treatment, a dual diagnosis refers to an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol while another disorder (usually a mental disorder) is occurring. The most common mental disorders that occur concurrently with addiction and alcoholism are depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorder. Many individuals that suffer with mental illness also find themselves caught up with substance abuse. The opposite is also true, and substance abuse can cause symptoms of mental illness. Above It All offers a dual diagnosis treatment program that is specifically designed to help individuals recover from both conditions simultaneously.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment – New Beginning at Above It All

dual diagnosis treatmentFor individuals with a dual diagnosis, both the addiction and the underlying mental disorder work together to create a much stronger addiction. In a never-ending cycle, an addict continues to drink or use drugs because they are depressed, and they are depressed because of the drugs or alcohol. If just one of the ailments is taken away and the other ailment left untreated, relapse is evident.

Above It All’s dual diagnosis treatment program is designed specifically for individuals that have one or more co-occurring disorder. Instead of an addict self-medicating themselves with drugs and alcohol to control their mental state, we can relieve the mental disorder and give them the resources to manage the psychiatric pain. In the same way, we treat the addiction disorder, instilling lifestyle choices and healthy living ideas to addicts.

Mental health disorders and addiction disorders can either cause or complicate each other. At Above It All, we help clients understand the connection between their co-occurring disorders, and then provide them with therapy and counseling to heal the disorders so they can achieve a healthy state of mind, free from addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in California

dual diagnosis treatmentAbove It All is a dual diagnosis treatment center in California that provides help and healing for individuals with substance abuse and mental health disorders. Our drug treatment center uses the 12 steps for recovery to help clients achieve a state of mind that promotes sobriety. We help connect individuals with support groups that will provide the tools and encouragement necessary for a life of wellness. We help clients find sober leisure activities during and after treatment that will enrich their lives.

Located in the mountains of California, Above It All is a residential treatment center that uses a holistic addiction treatment plan for recovery. Clients participate in yoga, meditation, and nature activities at our facility. Our focus on whole foods nutrition helps heal the body. We provide resources for families in the form of intervention services and family support groups for addiction. Our goal is to provide the best experience possible to our clients so that they can continue in their life of sobriety.

Let the beauty of nature assist in your recovery.
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