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Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment at Above It All

inpatient substance abuse treatmentOur inpatient substance abuse treatment program couples all of Above It All Treatment’s philosophies, goals and techniques for drug and alcohol treatment and counseling. We provide these services in the safety and seclusion of our residential rehab facility in Lake Arrowhead, California, located near Los Angeles. Our clients’ success and safety is of the utmost importance to us, ensuring that those recovering are out of harm’s way and can recover naturally. Above It All has a treatment program that is right for every kind of recovery. We work with individuals to create a treatment plan that will meet their specific needs.

Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

The length of treatment varies depending on an individual’s needs. Often their personal health history, the types of drugs they are using and the length of the substance abuse will determine how long the client should be in treatment.  Our therapists assess each client upon admission to our facility in order to help them determine the treatment program that is right for them. The inpatient substance abuse treatment program gives individuals the option between short and long-term treatment.

Short Term Treatment:

Our 60-day short-term rehab program incorporates all of the methods of our extended term rehab and sober living programs, but in the intensive program. Clients will participate in individual counseling sessions, group therapy and sober leisure activities that are focused on treating the client as a whole.. This type of treatment is for individuals that  have not been abusing drugs or alcohol for a long period of time, or that are stable enough to actively participate in the full course of treatment programs and therapies upon arrival. Clients that participate in our short-term treatment are able to get the help they need, and then get back to their lives, equipped with the tools and support they need for a life of sobriety.

Long Term Treatment:

Our 90-day extended term drug and alcohol rehab program is designed for clients who may need more time than our short-term program offers. Our extended programs are especially helpful for those who have spent many years abusing drugs or alcohol and for those addicted to powerful opiates. Our long-term opiate addiction program helps individuals overcome even the most difficult types of addiction.

Substance Abuse Inpatient Treatment

Substance abuse inpatient treatment incorporates daily group and one-on-one therapy sessions along with various therapy modalities. At Above It All we use the 12 steps for recovery, which promote holistic healing. Our inpatient clients learn how to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally through methods such as yoga, meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Above It All offers clients a continuum of care. In addition to inpatient services, we offer a drug detox program, outpatient treatment programs and a partial hospitalization program. We help prevent drug addiction relapse by offering long-term care and a sober living options when appropriate. For families that need help getting their loved one to accept treatment, we offer a drug intervention program.

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