Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Process

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One of the initial steps toward drug and alcohol addiction recovery is educating yourself about what addiction is—its causes, its triggers and its potential solutions. As you learn more about the disease of addiction, you will come to understand it as a serious, and even life-threatening, condition—but also one that is entirely treatable. Treatment for addiction and substance abuse recovery is most effective in a supportive, nurturing environment—something we strive to provide to our clients here at Above It All Treatment Center.

As we seek to support, encourage and ultimately help our clients down the road to healing, we take a highly individualized and personal approach. We want to know you as a person, and to help you determine the treatment approach that works best for you. There is no “standard” process and no typical day at Above It All; our mission is to provide compassion and care in the ways that each of our clients require.

With that said, there are some basic principles we can offer in order to help you understand our rehabilitation process more fully.


Intervention & Help for Families

Our mission is to provide effective rehab and recovery treatments for those struggling with addiction and substance abuse. That means alcohol addiction, but also addiction to illegal drugs, prescription painkillers and beyond. In addition, we are proud to be a resource for clients and families alike. Though many of our clients check themselves into our rehabilitation program, others have family members urging them to seek help. Whether you are seeking recovery for alcohol abuse or drug addiction yourself or for your loved one, Above It All is committed to making a difference through our drug and alcohol intervention programs.


The Admissions process is significant, and not just because it is where you begin to learn more about the recovery process. At the Admissions stage, a new client will receive a full clinical evaluation from a member of our team, at which point an individualized treatment plan is developed.


Drug Detox Program

Patricia, a detox practitioner at Above It All Treatment, personally assists in the addiction recovery process and explains w…

The treatment process usually begins with detox. During this stage of treatment, the body and mind are rid of the harmful toxins accumulated through substance use. Detox is done in a controlled, clinical environment; our addiction recovery specialists help to manage and mitigate withdrawal symptoms— making detox as smooth, efficient and safe as possible.

Inpatient Treatment

Providing Valuable Tools to Achieve Addiction Recovery

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Most of our clients enter inpatient treatment following their detox with one of our partner facilities. Inpatient treatment offers an immersive and comprehensive approach. Clients stay with for a few weeks in one of our partner’s luxurious facilities where they meet regularly with support groups and therapists, but also engage in hiking, yoga and all manner of other activities—all paving the way for lifelong recovery, and showing you how to have fun without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Life Skills and Planning

We want to provide clients with the resources they need to enjoy recovery not just in the short term, but also over the course of their whole life—embracing a lifestyle of health and wholeness. We help our clients think toward the future, and to plan for maintained sobriety even after they leave our facility.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is a big part of developing life skills. Even after clients leave Above It All, bad days will come and daily stressors can sometimes trigger a relapse. With this in mind, we provide our clients with the tools they need to deal with stress and temptation in a healthy way, minimizing the risk of relapse.

Maintaining Sobriety in Sober Living

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An addiction counselor shows the great lengths that go into rehabilitation and aftercare for each individual at Above It…

We provide a firm foundation for lifelong recovery, and are a resource and support for our clients during all stages of their recovery process.

Get your recovery journey started today, and gain freedom from your addiction with a treatment program. Call our team to learn more about our rehabilitation process.
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