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A Big Change and a Fresh Start in California Rehab

They are restless, irritable and discontent, unless they can experience the sense of ease and comfort which comes at once by taking a few drinks, drinks they see others taking with impunity, after they succumb to the desire again, as so many people do, and the phenomenon of craving develops, they pass through the well known stages of a spree emerging remorseful with a firm resolution not to drink again This is repeated over and over and unless this person can experience an entire psychic change, there is very little hope of his recovery — the doctor’s opinion — PAGE XXIX — Big Book of AA —

This is alcoholism in a nut-shell. Before seeking alcohol addiction help, the alcoholic is obsessed with the drink in one form or another. Whether it be being obsessed with figuring out the right formula so that they could maybe drink normally, or being obsessed with other people’s drinking habits, it becomes their life’s work anyway. They see other people drinking without consequence, but when we try it, it never works out. How could that be? Some might ask themselves: why isn’t it possible for us? Others might feel like we are plagued or that it isn’t fair — that other’s can drink normally, but we can’t. And we continue trying to experiment or figure it out for years. Every time we go out, drink, and end up in the same place we wonder: how this could have happened again? We are full of regret, usually leading us to swear often of booze, one more time. Like it says: this continues until we experience an entire psychic change. But what do alcoholics know about a psychic change? And more importantly, how does one have this psychic change? There are answers and there are people who understand and can help. When you reach out to one of the California rehab centers about a long term rehab or a 30 day rehab programs, you make the start to a meaningful and fulfilling life by stepping off the hamster-wheel and making a fresh start.

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