Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Center For Irvine Residents

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Above It All Provides Inpatient Treatment to Irvine Residents who Struggles with the “Revolving-Door” Effect Associated with Sobriety

Addiction is a chronic disease that is constantly on the rise  in the U.S. and around the world. 23.5 million Americans are addicted to alcohol and drugs, with the average age for addiction beginning as young as, a little over 12 years old.

Addiction, when left untreated, becomes a lifelong issue of increased substance abuse and the display of harmful and dangerous behavior to self and others. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction costs, not only the families, but the government as well, raking in a whopping $36 billion a year in health care expenses and a further $380 billion annually in overall expenses.

Addiction, at times, can seem like a never ending cycle with the individual trying to quit; succeeding for a few days, weeks, months, and in some cases, they abstain from the addictive substance for years only to have something trigger what first caused the addictive behavior and they relapse. There are others who enter into a treatment program and do extremely well at beating their addiction, but revert to their old ways once they are out and back to their day-to-day activities. This cycle goes on and on for many people suffering with addiction; however, what causes this revolving door experience and what can you do to stop it and maintain sobriety forever?

Not all treatment programs are the same; however, with a specially tailored inpatient treatment plan, you or your loved one can become sober and maintain a lifetime of sobriety.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Center For Riverside Residents

Outpatient Drug Rehab versus Inpatient Treatment

While various individuals can and have beaten addiction through home treatment and outpatient counseling sessions, self-prescribed treatments aren’t for everybody.

Outpatient drug rehab, when compared to inpatient treatment programs are less invasive and restrictive. While both treatment programs require up to 12 hours a week in counseling and other tailored group and individual sessions; outpatient recovery programs differ from inpatient greatly because at the end of each outpatient session, the client is allowed to return home, while in inpatient programs, the client must remain in the treatment facility for the duration of their treatment.

For individuals suffering from mild addiction, an outpatient treatment program may be enough; however, for those individuals who have battled a lifetime of addiction and have suffered from the revolving-door effect, inpatient treatment is your best and only solution.

What is our solution for the revolving-door effect and how can Irvine residents benefit from it?

While individuals are encouraged into treatment every day, most are unaware and blinded as to what inpatient addiction treatment entails and because they are unaware that treatment isn’t a one-size-fit all approach, some will opt out of inpatient treatment and seek to treat themselves or loved one at home, using different methods of treatment that friends, other family members, the internet and may be even their doctors recommend.

However, by doing this, many individuals will experience what is known as the revolving-door effect associated with addiction treatment and sobriety. But why does this happen? Is it that you or your loved one addiction is so far gone, it is untreatable?

The answer to this is a firm no, you just haven’t found the right treatment program; until now. The thing about addiction treatment is, there’s no one-size fits all treatment, as was mentioned before; however, with a tailored inpatient treatment program from us, at Above It All, we can treat you or your loved ones addiction; help you beat that revolving door syndrome and maintain a lifetime of sobriety.

At Above It All, We Take Everything Into consideration

When creating the right treatment plan, at Above It All, we consider it all. We take a detailed look into your history of abuse. When did your addiction begin; what triggered your substance abuse; and more importantly, what have you done in the past to treat your addiction? This information is important in order for us to determine the right course of treatment and tailor a plan that is right for you or your loved one.

So, what does our treatment program entail?

Treatment at our facilities, doesn’t only facilitate you in the here and now and it’s certainly not only for when you are at the program center. Our drug and alcohol rehab program treats the addiction with on site rehabilitation, as well as Sober Living Assistance for when you return to your friends, families and everyday life.

At Above It All, we do not only focus on treating the problem, our aim is to provide a lasting foundation that frees you from addiction’s clasps. This is why our addiction treatment continues with sober living houses, long after you have left our facilities and return home.  Our sober living program will help you maintain sobriety and avoid that revolving-door effect again.

But, What Exactly is Sober Living?

The first thing to know about sobriety is that it is a process that lasts a lifetime; however, with the stresses of daily living, your new found recovery may be difficult to maintain. Therefore, the need to develop skills for coping with the daily struggles and prevent relapses, some might say, is more important than being in rehab.

The sober living offered by us is provided to our clients in what’s known as sober living communities in Irvine, the rest of California and across our network. These communities are safe havens, which provide  a comfortable and encouraging place to adjust to your new, addiction-free life.

Sober living, in other words, provide you with an avenue to return to everyday life, such as school, work and your family. When you reside in a sober living house, we make it easy for you to keep going, to therapy appointments and support group meetings at our Above It All facilities and will even provide you with transportation if you need it.

Our goal at Above It All is to get you back out into the world and sober living is the next step to getting you as close to your lifelong goal as possible. Once you have completed your entire inpatient treatment program, you will be able to return home and live your life sober free and healthy.

If you or a loved one need help getting back on track and staying on the right path to recovery, give us a call and we will tailor an inpatient treatment program just for you.