Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Center For Long Beach Residents

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Above It All, Long Beach: The Ultimate Rehabilitation Treatment Center

According to both the American Medical Association and the American Society of Addiction Medicine, addiction is a brain disease that is comparable to cancer, diabetes and heart disease; in that addiction is caused by a combination of biological, behavioral and environmental factors. While addiction is a disease that stems from personal choice and the other diseases mentioned are not, addiction has life altering consequences and can lead to a lifetime of chronic illnesses if left untreated.

Substance abuse treatment is encouraged by medical practitioners. With the right treatment and help, individuals suffering from substance abuse can overcome their addiction and have a healthy and substantial existence.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Center For Long Beach Residents

Addiction Help and Recovery with Above It All, Long Beach

According to the Center On Addiction, roughly 25-50% of individuals suffering from substance abuse, “appear to have a severe, chronic disorder.” However, a chronic disease is defined as a long-lasting condition that can be controlled, but not cured.” So, while alcohol treatment and recovery is possible, individuals suffering from addiction will need proper guidance and encouragement in order for them to live a life substance free and healthy. This is where we come in. We provide that guidance and encouragement in a treatment facility equipped to aid in recovery.

What does our Addiction Process entail?

An essential step towards addiction recovery is educating yourself about what addiction is; as well as knowing the sources and causes of the addiction.  Through a hands-on and personalized approach, our workers provide information and insight that help our clients realize the serious and sometimes life threatening problem, that is their addiction.  Here at Above It All, we strive to provide a safe, non-threatening environment that fosters support, while being treated for drug & alcohol abuse at our facilities.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach when treating addiction.  People are diverse and require different strategies and different techniques to overcome obstacles that feeds an addiction.

Here are some of the services that we offer as part of our treatment:

Intervention & Help for Families

Our mission is to provide effective rehab and recovery treatments for those struggling with addiction. This means alcohol addiction, but also an addiction to illegal drugs, prescription painkillers and beyond. In addition, we are proud to be a resource for clients and families alike. Although some of our clients, check themselves into our program, most are enrolled by family members urging them to seek help. Whether, you are seeking addiction recovery for yourself or for your loved one, we are committed to making a difference.


The admissions process is the first step of many towards substance abuse treatment and recovery. During their admission, each new client will receive a full clinical evaluation from one of our workers.  It is through this initial interview that the individualized treatment methods are developed.


The drug rehab and alcohol rehab processes usually begin with detox programs where we ensure that the client gets rid of the toxins accumulated through substance use.  This is accomplished safely, while our addiction recovery specialists manage and help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal.  We make every effort to ensure that there is as little discomfort as possible during this stage in order to create a positive transition for the client.

Inpatient Treatment

Once detox is completed, our clients move on to our inpatient treatment program. Clients stay in one of our luxurious facilities for a few weeks.  During their stay, clients experience the comprehensive approach used at Above It All. They will meet regularly with support groups and therapists in an individual context, while also participating in wellness activities, such as yoga and hiking: the ultimate goal being to remind our clients that they can enjoy themselves, and their lives, without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Life Skills and Planning

We want to ensure the success of our clients in their pursuit of long-term sobriety, and help clients maintain a healthy and whole lifestyle during and after their stay.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is a big part of developing life skills. Even after clients leave us, bad days will come and daily stressors can sometimes trigger a relapse. With this in mind, we provide our clients with the tools they need to deal with stress and temptation in a healthy way, minimizing the risk of relapse.

Maintaining Sobriety in Sober Living

We provide a firm foundation for lifelong recovery and are a resource and support for our clients during all stages of their recovery.

As you can see, we offer more than a treatment facility for substance abuse users, we provide a comprehensive approach to treating the addiction and the person as a whole; therefore, if you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, do not hesitate. Give us a call and begin the process of recovery today!