Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Center For Pomona Residents

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Above It All Offering Addiction Intervention and Assistance to the Residents of Pomona

According to statistics taken from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, substance abuse (alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug) is costly to the nation, raking in more than $700 billion annually in relation to crime, productivity, health care and lost work. Alcohol and drug abuse alone cost the nation a whooping $417 billion yearly. With this continued trend, this number is only expected to increase over the years, with addictive behavior being displayed in children as young as 12 years old.

While addiction is extremely costly to the nation on a whole, addiction on the family, that has to watch their loved one deteriorate, is heartrending and leaves you feeling paralyzed and unable to do anything, but watch your loved one lose his perspective on reality and spiral out of control.

The symptoms associated with addiction are dangerous and the individual sometimes becomes a danger to themselves and the people around them. Along with the possibility of inflicting harm, denial, is the most harmful symptom associated with addiction. While family and friends will quickly notice addiction in a loved one, drug and alcohol abusers are the last to admit they have a problem. You may sit and play the wait game with them, but for some, admitting to their addiction takes years of struggle and denial.

Therefore, if you notice that a loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, it is time to take matters into our own hands, arrange an intervention; “let the cat out of the bag” and take the steps necessary to getting your loved one into drug or alcohol rehab. But an intervention is not as easy as it sounds, especially when dealing with an individual who has become unstable from their substance abuse.

So, how do you go about an intervention the right way, without driving fear into the person? That’s where we come in, with an interventionist and a program that will have your loved one admitting to their problem and taking the next step towards recovery; registering for an alcohol or drug rehab program.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Center For Pomona Residents

What is an Interventionist and How Can We Help?

Our Interventionist program was specially designed for families, such as yours, who need to develop a strategy for talking to their loved one and getting them into a drug or alcohol rehab program. Our interventionist is specially trained in assessing each situation and developing the right strategy to use and get your loved one to see the extent of their addiction and problem. The overall goal of our interventionist is to get your loved one into our treatment program.

While we believe in the power of communication At Above It All, we know that in order for communication to be successful, when talking to someone suffering from substance abuse, approach is key. Therefore, we offer a variety of tailored intervention services custom-designed to meet each family’s and individual’s needs.

Above It All Intervention Services Offered to Pomona Residents

Our intervention services are available to residents of Pomona and others living in the state of California. If your loved one is suffering from substance abuse, contact us today and we will arrange an intervention; whether, face-to-face, digitally or or over the telephone. While it is possible, it isn’t advised that you conduct an intervention without the presence of an intervention counselor who is trained in moderating and dialogue in these situations.

What is the main reason for intervention?

Our intervention programs are designed to accomplish two major goals:

One: to get your loved one to acknowledge their addiction and the consequences it has on them and the people around them; and

Two: To convince your loved one to seek help and treatment for their addiction through alcohol or drug rehab.

So, How do we Accomplish these seemingly far fetched goals?

At Above it All, we offer a number of alcohol and drug intervention programs, such as:

  • One-on-One interventions
  • Family interventions
  • Guided interventions; and
  • Group interventions

To determine the program that is right for you and your family’s situation, we assess the information you provide us with and one of our trained interventionists will decide on the right approach to take. Once the right program is chosen and with the help of other family members and loved ones, we will accomplish the goals we make and get your loved one the help they need.

Therefore, the time to take action is now! Call us today and get your loved one the help they need!