Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Center For Riverside Residents

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ABOVE IT ALL: Treating Riverside Residents with Co-Occurring Disorders and Dual Diagnosis

It is said that, “Addiction is the only prison where the locks are on the inside.” While non-addicts believe that breaking an addiction is as simple as deciding to quit the addictive behavior, individuals suffering from substance abuse and their counselors alike, know that addiction, whether, to drugs or alcohol, is one of the hardest diseases to break and impossible to cure. While the locks may be on the inside and the individual has total control and power over their addiction, if you are addicted to a substance, you know that breaking yourself from that prison seems impossible and futile. Escaping your personal prison becomes even more difficult if you are suffering with substance abuse and a mental health condition at the same time. Having two of these conditions at the same time is called dual-diagnosis or a co-occurring disorder”.

If you or a loved one is battling with addiction and have tried treatment, but have had relapses, you will be happy to know that there is help; so before you quit and throw in the towel, Above It All, is here for all Riverside residents.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Center For Riverside Residents

Have you been diagnosed with or relates to someone who has a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders?

Dual diagnosis is the medical term used to describe someone suffering from both a mood disorder, such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, or depression, as well as an addiction, to either  alcohol or illicit drugs. The sad truth is, many individuals suffering from a mental illness will often find themselves caught up with substance abuse and vice versa; many individuals caught up with substance abuse, will often experience mental illnesses, such as depression. While dual diagnosis is a recognized issue, most treatment programs aim at treating one symptom or another; they will either treat the addiction, while referring you to someone else for the mental disorder; or they will treat the disorder and send you on to an addiction treatment center.

However, at Above It All, we’ve designed the “cure”. We provide our clients with a dual diagnosis, treatment, tailored to help you recover from both conditions simultaneously.

Treating more than addiction

We understand that individuals suffering from a dual diagnosis experience a stronger addiction because both the mental disorder and the addiction correlates and leave you in a never ending cycle; requiring you to drink or use drugs because you are depressed and you are depressed because you continue to practice your addictive behavior.

Maybe this is your first time seeking treatment or maybe you or your loved one sought treatment in the past and relapsed. However, we are here to tell you, don’t get discouraged because there’s a strong possibility that only one of the ailments were treated and the other, you or your loved one, was left to battle and face alone.

If you have one or more co-occurring disorders, it’s time to try Our Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs and beat your addiction, the Above It All way!!

We have specially tailored our drug and alcohol rehab programs to fit individuals like you or your loved one who needs a little extra push to overcome a co-occurring disorder. Our program is designed to help you relieve your mental disorder, while providing the resources you need to manage your psychiatric pain. Our treatment process includes a holistic approach that targets treating the addiction and instilling good and healthy lifestyle choices.

With a clear understanding of the connection between their addiction and mental disorder, our clients are on their way to recovery and once therapy and counseling are thrown into the mix, the disorder can be healed, which in turn lead to a healthy state of mind and an addiction free lifestyle.

Above It All Dual Diagnosis, Treatment Center in California

We are a drug and alcohol rehab center located in Lake Arrowhead California. Our dual diagnosis treatment program is specially designed for individuals who suffers from an addiction, as well as, a mental disorder.

Our 12 step approach to recovery has been proven successful in treating addiction and putting our clients on the right path to recovery and achieving a state of mind that promotes sobriety.

For Riverside CA residents, if you are tired of the back and forth between recovery and relapse, it is time to take control of your future and treat your dual diagnosis at our rehab center in California.