Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Center For Thousand Oaks Residents

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Above It All, Thousand Oaks: Healing the Mind, Body and Soul Through a Holistic Rehabilitation Process

At Above It All, we have one aim in mind and that is, to help individuals overcome their addiction. Here, we do not wish to only treat the symptoms, we work on targeting the disease at its core. While doing this, we provide our clients with a firm foundation and the tools needed for lasting freedom and sobriety.

By tailoring our programs to meet each of our client’s needs, we provide treatment that addresses the various aspects of your life; finding the source of the addiction and, thus, treating the whole mind, body and soul.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Center For Thousand Oaks Residents

At Above It All, we treat the mind

Addiction is a chronic disease that affects the brain and the mind. Addiction to certain substances causes the brain to release high levels of chemicals that gives a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. While these chemicals and feelings are good for a moment, continued release of these chemicals, over a period of time, causes changes in the brain systems involved in reward, memory and motivation. When these changes occur, the person will constantly be in need of the substance to feel normal. An intense craving and desire for the addictive substance is experienced and the person will continue using this substance to get this feeling; despite the dangerous effects associated with it.

Because the brain is rewired to crave these addictive substances, addiction treatment must also treat the mind and not only the body.

For Residents living in Thousand Oaks CA, our treatment process includes varied activities to treat the mind, such as open dialogue and sharing; we encourage our clients to speak freely about their feelings through their one-on-one therapy  and group sessions. Our ideally located facility makes it easy for our clients to enjoy and interact with nature, through meditation and healing.

We provide essential treatment for the body

While addiction clutters the brain, releases chemicals and allow the person to experience feelings they are not currently experiencing, addiction has a disastrous impact on the body as well. Depending on the substance being abused, the physical effect ranges from weakness and fatigue to nausea and soreness.

While treatment is essential to the person beating their addiction, you must be careful, because withdrawal causes immense pain. If detoxification is not done under the supervision of a medical staff, the outcome is perilous and can sometimes lead to death.

This is why, at Above It All, we strive to provide your body with the tools it needs to maintain physical health, while ridding the body of these harmful toxins caused by addiction. Along with medical detox, we provide our clients with ongoing activities to help strengthen and restore the physical body. Our location provides our clients with a tranquil environment that encourages physical activities that will help restore the body. With the help of other clients and our trained staff, body restoration is only a telephone call away.

Treating the soul at Above It All

Last, but certainly not least, we strive to bring peace and healing to the soul. People suffering from addiction often express that they experience a feeling of spiritual death and loss, as well as, being unable to communicate with their friends and families.

To overcome these feelings of loss, we provide our clients with the resources they need to rebuild their confidence and to find peace and tranquility within themselves. Again, our peaceful and tranquil location provides clients with the ideal environment to work on themselves and restore their souls. We encourage connection with your faith and our counselors are there to provide guidance as needed to help those who believe in a higher power.

Addiction is not a death sentence, you can beat your addiction with the right help and support. If you are ready to make your addiction a thing of the past, contact us today and let us take the journey with you.