Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Center For Torrance Residents

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Above It All: Helping Torrance Residents Develop Life Skills and Planning to Beat Addiction and Maintain Sobriety

Addiction treatment is more than rehabilitation and being able to control your thirst for a particular substance while in treatment. To know how successful a rehabilitation program was, success is determined by how long the individual is able to maintain sobriety and remain drug or alcohol free. At our Above It All treatment center in Lake Arrowhead, California , we pride ourselves on our client’s success and does not claim treatment success unless our clients remain sober once they leave our facilities.

To accomplish this lifetime sobriety, we do not only treat the problem, we help our clients develop a foundation for success through the development of lifetime skills and planning. This is the reason why, we keep emphasizing that addiction treatment isn’t an overnight goal, it is a journey. This is also the reason why, our treatment program doesn’t end when you leave or treatment facilities. In fact, at the end of your stay with us, you are entering a new beginning; one where we will be by your side every step of the way.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Center For Torrance Residents

Remaining sober once you leave the comfort of our treatment facility

Once you have completed treatment at our facility located in Lake Arrowhead, California and have returned home, you will be quick to realize that fighting the urges becomes harder when faced with the challenges of everyday life.

However, once treated with us, you are returning home armed with the tools and strategies needed to prevent relapses and overcome all temptations life may throw your way; which in a nutshell, is what the Above It All, Life Skills and Planning Program is all about.

Developing Life Skills While in a Supportive Environment

At our treatment facility, our clients’ treatments are done in phases. When you commit to us, phase one includes detox and being committed to one of our inpatient drug rehabilitation programs. When a client moves onto phase two, they are encouraged to remain in the program because this is where the main focus on building real life skills begins.

Phase two is built on development; Here, you or your loved one is taught the necessary life skills that are essential to your survival, when you are back with friends and family. During this phase, you are not only taught these skills,however,  you will be given the opportunity to practice them, as they are necessary to your independence and sobriety.

Preventing Relapse

Relapse is a major risk for people struggling with addiction. Once you are reintroduced to the world, daily stressors present a challenge to your recovery and becomes a temptation too strong for some people to resist. Because these stressors are hard to resist, at Above It All, we emphasize the importance of surrounding yourself with family and loved ones. We encourage you to build a support group before you return home, because these people within your support group will be your rock. They will be your voice of reason and the ones who help you steer clear of negative thinking and temptations.

Stress management is crucial to your success and this is a life skill we help you hone before you return home.

Phase two, with us, is essential to your survival. This is why our experts provide the tools you need to manage stress and keep temptation at bay.

Life Skills Taught at Above It All

  • Medication management
  • Getting medication refills as needed
  • Managing money and creating personal budgets
  • Using public transportation
  • Creating resumes
  • Interviewing for jobs
  • Time management
  • Shopping and meal preparation
  • Effective stress relief and mitigation

Here, we not only teach our clients how to handle stress, we teach them how to identify their personal stressors and equip you with the tools you need to deal with them.

We know that you or a loved one would benefit from participating in our life and planning program, for Torrance CA residents contact us today and we will be happy to help you get on the right path to recovery.