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Blessings in Sobriety Part One

“That he has no attitude of holier than thou, nothing whatever except the sincere desire to be helpful; that there are no fees to pay, no axes to grind, no people to please, no lectures to be endure- these are the condition we have found most effective. After such as approach many take up their beds and walk again… we feel that elimination of our drinking is but a beginning. A much more important demonstration of our principles lies before us in our respective homes, occupations, and affairs. If we keep on the route we are going there is little doubt that much good will result.” – pg 18-19 There Is a Solution from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Through research we might stumble upon an affordable rehab, or read drug rehab blogs and realize that we too have just as good of a chance as others to recover. For most alcoholics we are so broken and lost that even the hope that we might be able to recover in itself is a blessing. Some of us come in and don’t know where to go for drug addiction detox, but once we find a place and get sober we realize we are much more blessed than we thought. We gain a group of friends and a support group. Loneliness fades and is replaced with love and happiness. Some of us go on to have families, go back to school, get our dream job, or our dream life even, but more importantly than any of that is the new set of thoughts, feelings, and actions we have available to us. We are no longer victims or full of self-pity. We come to learn how to love ourselves and others, as well as how to be comfortable in our own skin. Before we know it our lives and ourselves become much bigger than those people who came in just hoping to be able to survive long enough to get sober.

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