1 of 12 – Your First Step Toward Recovery

The foundation of AA is centered around the 12 steps. Step 1 states: “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.” This, along with the other 12 steps is read aloud at each and every AA meeting. Without a solid understanding of the 1st step, the eleven following it are virtually unusable. Just as a house is built from the ground up, so must your recovery be constructed from a solid base.

1 – Begin your introduction by participating in your first AA meeting. 12 step recovery programs encourage new members to introduce themselves before the group while providing information regarding their current sobriety period. If you’ve ever watched a hour of television, you likely know the drill… “Hello. My name is __________, and I’m an alcoholic.” Hi __________! Etc. Quick, simple, easy, done.

2 – Grab yourself an AA book and read through the entire Step 1 chapter. Make this a daily routine for your first 30 days.

3 – Take a moment to immerse yourself in the first word of the text: We. AA is an organization that works to remove alcoholics from the isolation that typically comes with their abuse. Recognize that you are not alone in your recovery, and that in fact, your recovery will only be obtained by way of working with others.

4 – Take a look at the “44 Questions” AA pamphlet to obtain a better perspective on your addiction. Evaluate your behaviors honestly, and admit that you are unable to control your drinking.

5 – If you have yet to join an AA meeting or enter our 12 step addiction recovery program in CA, try taking one drink of alcohol a week for a 4-week period. If you are still unsure whether you are actually an alcoholic, this simple test should pose no issue. Once your month is complete, head down to a local meeting to pick up a white chip. This chip signifies a desire to give AA a try, and maintain sobriety for that day.

6 – Write it all out. Think back and begin penning the story of your life in an honest and sincere manner. This will serve in helping illustrate the role alcohol has been playing in your life. Sometimes it takes more than a mirror to catch a true reflection.

7 – Discuss the first step with other AA members to find out how they have worked through the 1st step. Listen carefully, and apply ideas that make sense in the scope of your recovery.

One thought on “1 of 12 – Your First Step Toward Recovery

  1. As simple as that 1st step seems it is truly the hardest to get out! At least for my brother that’s how it was! This was such a great post! I had him read this and he loved it!

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