Alcohol Drug Rehab Before a Holiday?

With St Patrick’s Day right around the corner getting sober might seem like a lost cause. There are so many times when someone thinks about getting sober yet that thought is followed by a million reasons why the timing just isn’t right….thoughts such as “I’ll get sober  tomorrow,”  “I’m just so stressed out right now maybe when things calm down a bit,”  “I’m dealing with x y and z I just can’t deal with all of that and get sober,” or what seems to be the most common justification of all  “(insert holiday here) is coming up and its unrealistic to think that I can stay sober through it and I want to have fun so I’ll get sober after (insert holiday here)…”

Regardless of the date or the circumstances anyone can attain sobriety at anytime. Here are a few suggestions and places available to you …

1. Check out rehabs that take insurance

2. Check out some local drug rehab blogs .they are here to provide information on rehab programs in California.

3. For alcohol addiction help you can check out California rehab centers or perhaps a 12 step centered recovery house

There is all sorts of information available via internet. Getting sober isn’t easy but well worth it. If you decide to get help you don’t need to go through anything alone ever again. It doesn’t matter if it’s just another day or your favorite holiday today can be the first day of the rest of your sober life…may it be full of joy and peace!


One thought on “Alcohol Drug Rehab Before a Holiday?

  1. With summer coming, some things ought to be commented on, this is 1 of those things. Thank you so much.

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