Fear and Seeking Alcohol Addiction Help

As the AA book says “Fear is an evil, corroding thread; the fabric of our lives is shot through with it.” Fear is obviously a bar to reason, and to love, and of course it invariably powers anger, vainglory, and aggression. It underlies maudlin guilt and paralyzing depression. President Roosevelt once made the significant remark that “we have nothing to fear but fear itself.”- pg. 265 from The Language of the Heart

When we are first getting sober or even before we receive alcohol addiction help we are often times full of fear surrounding many different aspects of sobriety. Some of us may be fearful of the idea of getting sober while others may be afraid of the process whether it involves a 30 day rehab program, AA, or a drug addiction detox. The thing about fear is that while it may protect us from potentially dangerous positions it can also keep us from positive things and situations in our life as well. Fear can be healthy if it aids in keeping you out of harm’s way. For example when we first get sober some of us may decide not to go into bars for a while…this is an example of a healthy fear of alcohol. However If our fears keep us from doing things like getting sober then it is an unhealthy and destructive fear. The fact is that we didn’t get sober to live in fear. Sure it’s going to crop up from time to time and that’s fine. What matters most aren’t so much the feelings surrounding the situations in your life but rather what you do with those feelings.

2 thoughts on “Fear and Seeking Alcohol Addiction Help

  1. I have to say being a close family member to someone who went through rehab it was all fear for him. My brother experienced the darkest of demons when he was drunk. He finally admitted to me after he was sober that FEAR stopped him from getting sober SOONER. He feared failure before even trying. He thanked me for being honest and positive 100% of the time and that is was gave him the green light to test his fear!

  2. That’s right. A lot of people that are alcohol or drug dependent find it difficult to go through treatment because of fear. I have a cousin who’s hooked to alcohol and no matter how the family convinces him to consider rehab, he just isn’t willing.

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