“Mad Men” Actor Jon Hamm Completes 30-Day Rehab

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Apparently, “Mad Men” actor Jon Hamm, who plays the hard-drinking Don Draper, has something in common with the character he portrays in the popular AMC television show. News of the actor’s rehab, supported by his life partner, actress and filmmaker Jennifer Westfeldt, comes just as the 1960’s advertising agency drama launches its final season starting April 5. Few details have been announced, as the couple has asked for privacy regarding the treatment. TMZ first broke the news about Hamm’s rehab, reporting that he checked himself into Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut, in February.  Hamm’s publicist has issued a brief statement, which asks for “sensitivity going forward.” Hamm recently appeared on the “Today” show along with other stars of the series, but the topic of conversation had everything to do with Don Draper’s fate and nothing to do with Hamm’s treatment.

Hamm’s Role As Don Draper Prompted Celebrity Status

Although Hamm has appeared in numerous television shows over the years, his characterization of Draper solidified his reputation as an actor. He received a coveted Golden Globe award for the role in 2008. He has received repeated nominations for an Emmy, but has not yet won. On the show, Draper has an obscure past. Part of the show’s intrigue has involved unraveling the mystery of his true identity. He often displays erratic behavior and engages in numerous sexual escapades. As a result, his relationships are tenuous and complicated. On the job as an advertising executive, Draper is both talented and conflicted. Although highly successful in managing major advertising clients and intuitive regarding consumers and what they want, his personal life is filled with stress, often brought about by his own moodiness and troublesome behavior. He eventually develops signs of alcoholism, which threatens his job. He signs a sobriety stipulation in a business contract, but is unable to stop relying on alcohol to ease his emotional pain. As television viewers eagerly await developments in the new and final season, they no doubt also will be watching and listening for details of Hamm’s rehab treatment.

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