The 12 Steps, Fact and Fiction

The 12 Steps – Fact & Fiction

The number of negative stigmas associated with 12 step recovery programs is numerous. Whether through media, television or personal experience, a great number of people have been provided with ideas designed to debunk the benefits associated with these support forums. Those seeking aid in their addiction recovery must sift through the myths in order to obtain a better understanding of the true process and rewards found within a 12 step community. In this entry, we will seek to illuminate some of the more common myths and questions surrounding 12 step meetings.

1 – 12 step programs are most certainly a religious or cult affair. This is common knowledge due to the fact that they meet in churches and keep to themselves.

False – 12 step programs can be found in a wide variety of places. Though some certainly hold their meetings in houses of worship, others can be found at the local YMCA, a coffee shop or independent AA facility.  Some meetings can cater towards religion, while others choose non-affiliation.

2 – What’s with all the god talk?

The “Higher Power” concept that is referenced throughout AA is employed as a way to help participants accept that there are forces in this world that are greater and more powerful than them. In this way, participants can better grasp the concept that they require help to overcome their addiction. A “Higher Power” can refer to a belief in god, nature, or anything else that holds a power greater than your own.

3 – What if I quit on my own… Do I still need AA?

Yes ma’am! Whether you achieve sobriety through Above It All Treatment Center or on your own, the need for 12 step recovery programs is one and the same. Sobriety is an ongoing struggle, and one that should not be fought alone. Committing yourself to continued recovery practices, such as AA, will provide you with the support, guidance and confidence you need to maintain your sobriety while learning the proper coping techniques to control it long-term.

4 – How long must I continue attending these meetings?

Attendance at 12 step meetings is very similar to working out. Even after you’ve achieved your fitness goals, you must continue working out to maintain your progress. Those who begin slacking at the gym will ultimately revert back to the same old starting point. Maintaining your sobriety is key, and will serve as your relapse prevention. And hey… ya never know… you just might learn to enjoy it!

5 – I’m much too busy to attend these types of meetings.

No you’re not. Consider how much time and effort went into keeping your addiction alive and well. You were able to find plenty of time to call into work, miss appointments and get your fix. What the heck are you doing with all that free time now? Nothing worth having is every easily obtained. If you’re intent on your sobriety, it will be your priority.

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