The level of care is amazing. The staff met every need. You can tell they really love us and their work. Theresa and Michelle were awesome. Jeff, Stormy, Paul, Mark, Ryan … Everyone was great. The nursing staff , Dr. T. … Matt, Kenny, Mike  everyone !!!!!! AIA saved my life.


I have achieved a length of sobriety I didn’t think I could have done.


The staff really cares and will go out of there way to help their clients


I feel I have been given the treatment I need to be successful.


My honest ratings for my recovery, I used to choose the best drugs around, when it came to my recovery, I chose the best rehab I could find, for future growth

M.R., 01/08/13

AIA was a great experience and provided me with the help I needed. The staff and clients were all supportive and friendly and helped me through my recovery and I will never forget any of them. I feel I’m leaving here a new person and will keep everything I learned here and take it with me in my journey and apply it in my recovery. I will keep everyone in my thoughts, prayers and heart.

J.S., 01/12/13

This is the only place I will return to because it was an amazing experience that works on you! Because “It’s NOT them”

J.B., 01/13/13

Thank you for the genuine care and strong framework for me to utilize upon my return home. I look forward to making my living amends.

R.H., 01/23/13

Thank you Kory for helping me on the financial side because my insurance doesn’t want to pay. Cheryl was great. Rick and Ashley I really cherished. Thank you AIA for all you did for me!! You are doing God’s work. God bless you all.

C.H., 2/13/13

Thank you AIA for making my first (and hopefully last) experience a memorable one. I learned a lot!! Thank you Marsha for your guidance! Thank you Nancy for your hugs and love! Both ladies have made this experience a memorable one! They will always carry a special place in my heart. Thank you Kory for having this program. Your heart is huge! You are a blessing to many lost souls!!

V.R., 2/22/13

I had a great experience with this program everyone was extremely helpful. I love you guys because I feel all the love from everyone and that means a lot.

R.F., 3/1/13

Prior to coming to treatment I hoped Mario to be my counselor, and that was met. Love the guy. I also wanna thank all the nurses and staff, especially my house manager, Jerry, he’s a cool dude. Thanks AIA, definitely changed my life. Thanks again.

R.C., 3/13/13

This is a very good program. That have people and staff that have a lot of love.

J.M., 3/14/13

This is an amazing program and it helped save my life! Love you all and I’ll stay in touch and stay clean!

S.T., 3/21/13

Great kick off to lifetime recovery.

J.J., 3/22/13

Best treatment I’ve attended.

K.H., 4/11/13

The staff here is awesome and professional.

J.B., 4/11/13

Video – Your best thinking is what got you in trouble – you have to take some sort of direction from someone who has walked this path before you – Above it All Treatment Center

Video of Matt talking about the options of ending his life in the throes of drug and alcohol addiction but chooses another path, the path of recovery. He is now a counselor at Above it All Treatment.

Steve was known by first name at all the liquor stores he finally makes the decision to get help because his family would not stay in his life. He was embarrassed, he was like an epileptic he was scared to stop.

Valium, Drinking and passing out at 10:00 AM being found by her 18 year old step son – Susie checks into Above it All Treatment Center near Los Angeles California

Like many, alcohol was talking over Scott’s life. Scott shares his story of how his addiction was not only ruining his life but affecting his family’s lives as well. He shares his feelings about how lucky he was to find Kory Avarell and transform his life.

Video of Patrica who is a detox practitioner at Above it All Treatment Center in Lake Arrowhead California helping addicts in a drug rehab facility in California

After trying crack and heroin he had a spiritual death until he checked into Above it All Treatment Center. He is no longer stuck and he feels comfortable and is doing something with his life


Above it All Treatment Center near Los Angeles California kicking suboxone for 8 days straight got him to think about blowing up his house – video interview

Kory Avarell describes the transformation of addicts who enter his 60-day rehab programs

AIA gave me the opportunity to be me again.

First time in treatment and I learned finally how to stop using, to do the steps and the guidelines to recover.

Amazing therapist and counselors as well as support staff, helpful groups, fun activities, great meetings.

The staff helped me to identify my faults and my needs of improvements to recover to a healthy life style.

AIA is an amazing facility that has opened my eyes to a whole new world.

I love this place and the people that make it possible.

I have had nothing but a wonderful, positive experience here at AIA.

Thank you for being there and helping me get into a safe place were I feel comfortable and meeting my needs, I love you guys <3.

Everyone has been so kind, caring, and understanding. Helpful in every way. I can’t say enough good things about the staff at AIA. Thank you so much to everyone!

Wonderful staff; extremely helpful, understanding, well educated. Great program curriculum.

I have been extremely pleased with the care I have received from every department! If this tablet weren’t so cumbersome to use I would divulge further about my complete gratitude for this program.

Since walking through the doors of AIA, I have been treated like a human being and not just another addict… Counselors and therapists all took an individualized approach and I respect that they care more.

Above It All was the most amazing place for recovery I’ve ever been too. The services were fantastic!

When I got here, my disease started pulling out every stop. I’m so glad that everyone here pulled out every stop to help me fight back. And I know for a fact that one of the main reasons I stayed and am in a much clearer, more aware place now is that, not to sound cliché, as a group effort from every facet of this family. So much more than just a company…they loved me until I could begin to love and forgive and understand myself, and for that I am so grateful.