Treatment Programs for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

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Treatment for addiction recovery is a process—one that varies depending on your particular needs. The goal of recovery is always the same, to provide tools for lifelong recovery, and to demonstrate how to have fun and enjoy life even without the effect of drugs or alcohol.

Our facility partners have teams of highly trained addiction recovery specialists, offering clinical professionalism, but also warmth and compassion. We support and protect every client; we do anything we can to put their recovery first. We work closely with families, showing them how they can create environments for long-term hope and healing. More than anything, we provide the foundations for sober living—not just in our partner treatment facilities, but also beyond it.

Drug Treatment at Above It All Treatment Center in Lake Arrowhead, CA

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Above It All is proud to offer addiction treatment through our facility partners for a number of conditions—among them:

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Next to methamphetamine, cocaine is the most addictive, habit-forming substance in the world, creating a strong psychological and physical dependence. As such, breaking cocaine’s grip can be a challenge, but our team is committed to a recovery process that is safe, effective and long-lasting.

Opiate Addiction Treatment

Opiate addiction is common and growing more so all the time. Often opiate addiction begins with a habit for prescription painkillers; even when taken according to a doctor’s orders, these opiate painkillers can be powerfully addictive. That addiction is sometimes transformed into the abuse of even harder opiates, like heroin. Embrace hope by contacting Above It All.

Meth Addiction Treatment

Meth is sometimes referred to as the most dangerous drug in the world—not just because it’s cheap and easy to make, but because it is intensely addictive and potentially lethal. Meth addiction comes with a number of psychological and physical effects, but our addiction recovery specialists can help break meth’s grip and lay a foundation for lasting recovery.

Alcoholism Rehab

Many of our clients come to us expressing a problem with alcohol—a drinking habit that has surpassed binge drinking to become actual physical dependence. Alcoholism can be deadly, entering an alcohol rehab is necessary for an individual to stop drinking and regain control of their life. Take that step forward in establishing lifelong recovery.

Other Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Above It All works with substance use disorders of all kinds, which includes addiction to tranquilizers/benzodiazepines and more. If you are struggling with addiction to any chemical substance, legal or illegal, we want to provide you with the tools you need to get sober and to stay that way.

Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

Individuals who struggle with addiction and a mental health disorder, such as depression, trauma or anxiety, experience co-occurring disorders, which are also known as dual diagnosis. In treatment, it is imperative to address the underlying cause, especially since symptoms are closely intertwined. At Above It All through our facility partners, we are dedicated to working with our clients to diagnose and treat not just the addiction, but also the hidden factors associated with it.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

When you arrive at one of our Above It All facility partners, the team will evaluate your condition and help devise a treatment plan that works for you. The treatment process addresses healing your mind, body and spirit—starting with detox but also including group sessions, one-on-one therapy, outdoor activities, robust nutrition and more.

Drug Treatment Programs

We want to help you start down the road toward lifelong recovery; contact Above It All today to begin the journey.