Above It All Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center- Serving Residents of Los Angeles, CA

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Above It All Treatment Center has helped many people from Los Angeles, California get and stay sober for nearly a decade. We know that Addiction Treatment may not feel like an important priority when you or someone you love are struggling with alcohol or drugs. Denying that there is a problem at all is the first stage of addiction and is extremely common. However, denial ultimately has to give way to admitting and accepting that a problem really does exist. At this point, you may feel confused, guilty, helpless, or a range of other emotions. Know that this is totally normal (for both struggling users and loved ones alike).

The important thing is not to let these negative emotions take over and move forward with making the lifesaving decision to get professional help.

It’s 100% true that millions of people fall into alcohol and drug abuse through one means or another each year. An equally true fact is that millions more people seek the professional rehab treatment they need and live to tell their success stories about getting and staying sober.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center in Lake Arrowhead at AIAYou may be trying to convince yourself that you or your loved one can do this on their own… without going to rehab. You might think that simply going to meetings will solve this problem once and for all. The majority of our clients come to us after they’ve tried and failed these methods and tell us that they are simply “tired of living a crummy life” or have been “exhausted” by trying to hide their use and failing to get and stay clean on their own. We understand the battle that you are fighting and want to help you and your loved one win like so many of our clients have.

The thought of going to rehab and making real changes can be uncomfortable. Know that there is no change without discomfort. Sobriety happens through a combination of the right rehab treatment program, the guidance of trained addiction professionals and a state of the art rehab facility.  

Recovery is just 1 (confidential) phone call away (888) 997-3006

To end addictive habits and finally get sober, there are essential things that need to happen.

ACKNOWLEDGE that this habit has taken over your life and that you need help to stop abusing drugs or alcohol.

Above It All  offers you or your loved one evidenced based treatment in a peaceful and private setting.

We commend your bravery and humbly offer to help you or your loved one find a fresh start by personally tailoring a customized rehab treatment program. At Above It All, we believe that addiction treatment isn’t a one size fits all solution and as such, we will work with you to assess your situation personally in order to design a treatment program fit for you and you alone.

We understand the importance of constant support in early recovery and give our clients a sense of family while away from home through Group Therapy, Individual Therapy and even Family Therapy sessions.

We proudly provide our clients with chef prepared, healthy meals and a state of the art gym so they can get back to optimal, physical health. We know that this is important because hormones such as endorphins and serotonin are released during exercise and have been found to connect to overall feelings and emotions; aiding in your recovery.

Alcohol, Drugs and Substance Abuse

Drugs (like prescription/ RX drugs, painkillers, opiates, etc) and alcohol are some of the leading causes of families being torn apart. Substance abuse kills men and women; regardless of race, age, or gender. We have seen and felt the hurt that addiction can bring on a family and a community like Los Angeles, Above It All Treatment Center promises that our experienced professionals and trained staff only offer the best care possible.

Family like support in a safe setting

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center - Living Room at Above It AllDrug Addiction and Alcoholism are dangerous and extremely traumatic. Nobody should ever be forced to endure such pain alone. Substance abuse drains entire families, takes away happiness from friends and pushes love to the limits for everyone it touches.

In order to end this vicious cycle of addiction, you have to seek the help of a properly equipped and professionally trained addiction rehab center. Above It All’s facility is clean, secured, licensed and is overseen by only the best and most experienced addiction specialists.

A full spectrum of care and programs for battling Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

At Above It All Treatment Center, we interview and assess our clients before starting addiction treatment. During our assessment, we learn about your needs and ask questions that will guide us in creating a unique treatment program with you and your needs in mind.

Drug rehabilitation is an endless journey. Your program will move forward when clinical milestones are met. It doesn’t matter how long or how deep your addiction is. When you enroll, we put great unlimited faith in your ability to get clean and sober. We help you overcome negative thoughts, fears, discomfort and anything else you may encounter during your stay with us.

Nobody has ever regretted getting soberTo find your fresh start- give sanity to yourself, friends and family… call now. Our non-judgemental professionals are anxious to speak with you and answer any questions that you may have.

It’s never too late to change the path that you are on. Take our hand and start on the path to sobriety and everything that a clean life has to offer you and your loved ones. Have no doubt, this is the right decision…not only for yourself, but also for your family and friends who worry about your health and well-being.

Above It All Treatment Center- giving you the opportunity to find total recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.