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Fear and Sobriety (Part 1)

“Driven by a hundred forms of fear, self-delusion, self seeking, and self-pity”-pg 62 How it works from the big book of alcoholics anonymous

“The greatest enemies of us alcoholics are resentments, jealousy, envy, frustration, and fear.” -pg 145 to employers

It is natural to have fear around the unknown as well as seeking out alcohol addiction help and getting sober. It is a huge life change and we are asked to give up the only life we know and have faith in something we have very little or no experience with. Sometimes we have to give up the things we have that are no longer working for us just for the hope of something better. If we are having trouble with overcoming our fear a 30 day rehab can help. Though the recovery process might still seem difficult through the help of a drug addiction detox your goal of getting/staying sober will feel more attainable. Once we are sober and see these new tools working for us we can begin to have more faith and a new found ability to walk through fear, regardless of what our fear is based off of. Many alcoholics live in constant fear when we get sober. It s an emotion that is familiar to us. While fear is something that will inevitably pop up at one point or another in our lives, regardless of being sober or not it no longer has to be debilitating and run our lives/actions. The more we walk through fear the less fear we will have. We can then begin to decide what we do with it. Do we let it hold us back from living life and miss out on amazing opportunities, or do we power through and prove to ourselves that we are taken care of no matter what and see what we are capable of? The choice is ours!

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