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Feelings and Balance in Sobriety

When first getting alcohol addiction help and getting sober many feelings might come up for us. We might be flooded by feelings of fear surrounding many things such as entering into a 30 day rehab program, AA, a drug addiction detox, or just the idea of getting sober. We might also experience feelings of loss, sadness, excitement and happiness. The longer we stay sober the more our feelings balance out. However If we are stagnant in our steps and the work we do to stay sober those feelings of fear might return. It is not something that needs to be alarming but instead can serve as a reminder that we need step up and do more work or that perhaps something else needs to be changed. It does not mean we have to take a drink to deal with our feelings. It means we need to be aware of the way we are living our lives and the changes that need to be made in order to get out of those dark places. Many of us believe that sobriety is fragile and something that can be easily lost if we aren’t careful. While it is something that needs to be protected and cherished to a certain extent it is not necessarily fragile. There is a clear cut recipe for success in sobriety and it is available to everyone weather you’re in AA, or a treatment facility. There is a model laid out for us that shows us how we can permanently recover if we are willing to do the work and go to any lengths to achieve sobriety.

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