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Flat Tires and Sobriety

When we are initially embarking on our sobriety, there may be incidents that come up which could easily unsettle us; a flat tire might be an example of such.  Perhaps when we were drinking and/or using, the flat tire might anger us, causing us to vehemently react to the world and our surroundings.  Maybe we felt overwhelmed by something, something that is frustrating and time consuming however our reaction to it wasn’t parallel with the scope of whatever happened.  Our reaction was angrily overblown, coloring our day and the way we engaged with others henceforth, dampening spirits wherever we went.

Now, in sobriety, there will be the inevitable “flat tire”, an incident or occurrence which is frustrating and time consuming, however, as we learn what it’s like to live a sober life, our reaction to those incidents may very well be different.  We may no longer spin angrily out of control.  We may get annoyed, frustrated, even angry, however, with this new way of living, courtesy of the instruction from this Los Angeles drug rehabilitation center, we learn that our feelings don’t need to be taken out on others nor do we need to let it dictate the remainder of our day.

In sobriety, we learn new tools and ways to live within the world as decent human beings.  Human beings with valid feelings and the understanding that our lives don’t need to be dictated by those feelings; we can acknowledge them, feel them, accept them and then, as time has shown us with others, let us not be caged by them.  Being sober lets us live freely in the world, as opposed to living as prisoners chained to our respective emotional walls.

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