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Getting Out Of “If Only”

Sometimes we assign different people places, or things higher value than they are worth or put the responsibility of our well being off on other people, places, or things. We might say to ourselves “If only I sought alcohol addiction help sooner…If only I got that job I wanted, went to that 30 day rehab program, got those shoes, went to a drug addiction detox sooner, had the relationship I wanted with so and so, or was acknowledged by others the way I want to be then maybe I would be ok.” Well, what if we stopped thinking in terms of “if only” and started to create the life we want with positive self-talk and by taking responsibility We might begin to realize that we are ok. Who we are is enough. We are beautiful, unique in our own way, and loveable. We are finite fallible human beings and we are grand and magnificent in our own right and we all have a right to be here and be who we are. Eleanor Roosevelt once said “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Well if that is true and we go around feeling like we are not good enough at some point  then the question that deserves  the spotlight is not so much what if we got what we think we wanted but rather what are we doing to ourselves? Why do we pick apart and strip away the self-love we have even if we only do it a little? Furthermore how do we stop? We stop by living a life of love and tolerance. We stop by letting you be you and me be me and we stop by living an emotionally sober and freeing life. Get in touch with who you are, your shortcomings, and who you want to be. Love it and celebrate it!

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