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Getting Out of a Recovery Rut

Your recovery is a journey—and like any journey, it should come with a sense of forward momentum. In the long run, you should be getting better, healthier, more at peace in your recovery.

With that said, not every day will feel like a big step forward. That’s just the big picture. The day-to-day can sometimes be really positive, and sometimes really challenging. More often than not, it will simply feel mundane. You may even find yourself falling into a rut, a place where your own recovery is boring you.

If you do find yourself in a rut, there are ways to dig yourself out of it—to reignite your passion, to challenge yourself, to make recovery something fun and fulfilling. Here are just a few suggestions:

Learn a new activity or skill. Fill your time with a whole new pursuit. Take up painting. Learn to play a musical instrument. Try yoga, Pilates, or a spin class. Give yourself a shot at journaling or creative writing. Find something you’ve never tackled before and make a real go at it.

Volunteer. Spend your time helping someone in need! Sign up at a library, the YMCA, a local food pantry, or an assisted living community.

Tell your story. Encourage and support others who are going through recovery. Share your story at local support groups.

Reach out to someone. If you’re stuck in a rut, it’s okay to let someone know it— and to ask for help in breaking through. Talk to a close friend, a loved one, or simply someone in your support group.

There are plenty of ways to break out of a rut, while still keeping your recovery on track. The important thing is to make that initial effort, and not to let your commitment to recovery grow cold.

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