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Hitting Rough Spots in Sobriety

Sometimes throughout our sobriety we might hit a few rough patches along the way. It may seem like it shouldn’t be happening or that it’s unfair. After all why did we seek alcohol addiction help if we were going to experience hard times? Why did we do the work, go to a 30 day rehab, or a drug addiction detox if it wasn’t going to be smooth sailing from then on out? The fact is that things that are or will come up are just a part of life. There is not a whole lot that one can do to change circumstance. We may find ourselves thinking that this is not what our lives should look like at x amount of years sober. Its times like this we need to remember that we didn’t get sober originally for the stuff, or for what we could get out of it. We got sober because we were trapped by our disease in this unbearable hell and many of us just wanted to be able to stop drinking. We need to remember that the only thing we are promised is that we can stop drinking if we do the work. so  all the other stuff like friends, cars, houses, jobs, happiness, joy, and peace are extra blessings that we should be grateful for. If we stay in gratitude we can stay out of self-pity. If we only want what we need then we will always have what we want. We will be able to see that we are blessed beyond belief to not only recover from this seemingly hopeless state of mind and body but also to live this amazing life. We have been given a second chance!

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