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Life After Drug Addiction Detox

Many individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction have a desire to complete a drug addiction detox without rehabilitation treatment following it. While many people confuse the two processes, the difference between them is actually rather great.

The majority of medical detox programs take between 3 – 10 days depending on the type of drug, use history physician recommendations. The purpose of this process is to work the body through the initial withdrawal symptoms in a safe and healthy manner.

Individual who complete a medical detox program are not cured of their addictions, and are likely unable to deal with the underlying issues that have caused them. Though some patients would like to believe that a successful recovery is possible directly following detox, the evidence proves otherwise… countless have tried; most have failed.

Choosing to enter a 30 or 90 day rehab program following detoxification is key to ensuring a happy, long-lasting recovery. Unlike some diseases, addiction has no cure-all treatment, as many patients struggle for years to maintain their sobriety. Rather than cure the addiction, detox works as a foundation from which to build a recovery. By clearing the addict of the addictive substances, they will be best able to absorb, learn and move forward with their lives following treatment.

Once a patient has enrolled in a rehabilitation program, a team of counselors, therapists and addiction specialists will work with the patient through individual and group therapy sessions. These sessions will allow the addict to share their experiences with others, while confronting their issues in a safe and healthy manner. Patients are often encouraged to keep a daily journal to better track their emotions, by which they can reflect on down the road.

Addiction can only occur in instances where the individual was unable to notice the trap. By making the effort to educate oneself, an individual will be better prepared to recognize and avoid similar traps down the road. Life is full of mistakes – Learning from these mistakes is what makes the journey worth while.

Rehabilitation procedures and treatments vary depending on the type of facility selected. Different programs commonly cater towards patients with different issues. As such, it is important for patients to locate a treatment facility that is able to properly assess and address their needs and behaviors to ensure the best possible results.

Those who are truly intent on a drug-free existence must make a true commitment in order to achieve the desired results. Without the tools and resources provided within an addiction program, many addicts place themselves at high risk for failure and relapse within the addiction cycle. Help and happiness is available to those who seek them. Make a choice and make it count!

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