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Life After Rehab – Sober Living CA

Sober living CA homes are drug and alcohol-free spaces offering recovering addicts a positive environment for integrating back into normal society. Though these facilities are not acute treatment or detoxification centers, they are run in accordance to strict guidelines and quality assurance standards. In the following entry, we will provide you with a general outlook regarding what to expect from a sober living facility.


Above all else, the single most important guideline in a sober living facility is a zero-tolerance policy in regard to alcohol and drugs. This includes use both on and off the facility premises. Most sober living Los Angeles homes even extend this prohibition to over the counter items, such as high-proof mouthwash and certain cold medicines. In addition, many facilities will also incorporate random drug tests and room searches to ensure the property and residents remain clean and drug-free. Resident who refuse to participant in tests or provide search consent will typically be discharged from the program.

Chores & Health:

Most sober living facilities also keep to a strict line of rules regarding personal hygiene and daily chores. Residents will be placed on a rotating chore system of daily tasks, while assuming responsibility for the home’s continued cleanliness. Residents are also required to bathe daily, wear clean clothing, and wash their bedding regularly.


Residents in a sober living community must be self-sustaining, including food and clothing purchases. Rent must be paid on time each month, with failure to meet these payments resulting in eviction. Rent varies according to the home’s location, the number of occupants, and special services that may be included with the residency package. Additionally, sober living communities will also require their residents to gain steady employment or enroll at an accredited educational institution.

Safety & Order:

Disorderly conduct is strictly prohibited in a sober living community. As such, residents are required to conduct themselves in a calm and positive manner at all times, avoiding any behaviors that might potentially jeopardize the structure and safety of the environment.  Threats or acts of violence, theft, fighting, property damage, harassment, unexcused absences and curfew violations will hold varying degrees of consequence, up to and including expulsion. Residents are also required to interact with one another in a respectful manner, adhering to privacy, light, noise and attire standards. Unlike residential treatment centers, these types of facilities work in creating structured real-world home environments where the relationships between residents reflect that of a family. Residents who do not abide by these standard place themselves as risk for disciplinary action. Those who take advantage of the lessons afforded by sober living facilities stand to benefit greatly in their integration into real-world sober living.

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