Mind, Body and Soul Therapy

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Mind, Body, and Spirit Treatment for Addiction in Lake Arrowhead, CA

At Above It All, we understand that we are working with individuals. We are helping individuals overcome addiction, and ultimately develop a foundation for lasting freedom and sobriety. That is why we tailor everything we do to meet each of our client’s specific needs. It is also why we address all parts of the person’s life through the addiction treatment process—why we ultimately seek to provide healing for the mind, the body and the soul.


Addiction is very much a mental illness—something that impacts and even changes the mind, literally causing shifts to the brain’s physicality and its chemistry. This is what creates such a strong emotional dependence: As an individual falls into addiction, the brain is rewired to depend on drugs or alcohol, to crave them, to require them to maintain feelings of pleasure. Recovery from addiction requires not just treatment of the physical body, but also of the mind.

At Above It All, our clients have the life-changing opportunity to heal their minds through a wide range of activities. We encourage open dialogue and sharing, both through one-on-one therapy and through group sessions. We promote mindfulness and meditation. We also allow our clients to enjoy the healing effects of nature itself, ultimately restoring peace to a mind long fraught by addiction. We believe all of these to be vital for ongoing addiction recovery.


Addiction is a disease that not only physically rewires the brain, but has further, often disastrous effects on the entire body. The physical effects of addiction can be severe. Depending on the substance in question, they may include fatigue, weakness, soreness, nausea and beyond. Meanwhile, actually withdrawing from drug or alcohol use can be intensely painful—so much so that, when attempted outside the context of clinical care, detox and withdrawal can sometimes cause an individual to reach for perilously high doses of a drug, just to soothe their pain. This is how so many fatal overdoses happen.

At Above It All, however, we are vigilant in ensuring the total physical health and safety of our clients. This includes medically supervised detox, but also ongoing activities to help strengthen and restore the body. Our tranquil environment makes it easy for clients to get outside and get active, and our team fully supports this kind of healthy lifestyle.


Mind, Body & Soul Therapy in Lake Arrowhead, CA


Finally, Above It All seeks to bring peace and healing to the soul. Many of our clients express that they have felt a sense of spiritual death, or of great loss. Actually, those who go through addiction often find that their sense of self-worth and their ability to connect with others are severely compromised. We seek to help our clients rebuild that confidence, and to find some tranquility within themselves.

Our whole-person focus on recovery provides plenty of opportunities for clients to do work on themselves that helps restore their souls. Our therapists and counselors stand ready to help clients connect with a sense of faith, or belief in a higher power; for others, simply being in nature, belonging to a supportive community, or receiving daily encouragement from our compassionate staff is all it takes to put the pieces of the soul back together. We are welcome and accommodating to those of all faiths—followers of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc.

Drug Addiction that Address the Whole Person

Ultimately, what we wish for our clients is wholeness—not just release from addiction, but entry into a new life of fullness, health and joy. That can only be achieved through an integrative, holistic approach to recovery. We proudly offer this to clients at Above It All. Contact us today to learn more about whole-person addiction treatment for you or your loved one.