I’m Seeking Treatment For Addiction

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Addiction to drugs or alcohol can leave you feeling helpless—like you have alienated the people who you care about most and made a mess of your whole life. Even when you feel as though you have hit rock bottom, recovery is possible. You can embrace a lifetime of sobriety and healthy living—and the first step is to seek compassionate care for addiction.

Above It All Treatment provides these services to people throughout California. We have a reputation for truly caring about each and every client’s sobriety; we love our clients and fight for them as they find their way toward lifelong recovery and healing.

Whether you are seeking recovery for yourself or on behalf of a family member, we urge you to call us today and make an appointment to speak with an addiction recovery expert. By speaking with one of our client advocates, you can take your first huge step out of addiction and into a life of healing, hope and wholeness.

Treatment for a Loved One

The involvement of friends and family members can be essential for successful rehab and recovery. At Above It All, we go to great lengths to include family members in the healing process. Your encouragement could mean everything—so do not hesitate to urge your loved one toward hope and healing. That is something Above It All can help you with; our partners offer intervention services designed to reach your loved ones with the message of recovery.


Treatment for Myself

Seeking treatment for yourself is one of the hardest yet noblest things you will ever do. The simple act of reading this page to get more information is something you can feel proud of. Nevertheless, the road to recovery is just beginning—so do not waste another moment of your life. Contact us today to get the healing process started.


Above It All is passionate about addiction recovery—for you and for your cherished loved ones. We invite you to contact us right away with any questions or any inquiries you may have; your phone call will be a huge step forward into a life of recovery from addiction.