Am I Addicted?

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Far too often, those who struggle with addiction also struggle to admit that they have a problem. Maybe you know what we mean here; maybe you know what it is like to downplay the ways in which addiction has affected you; and even to reject the notion that you have a problem at all.

Actively seeking treatment is the most reliable way to free yourself from addiction’s hold. Remember that addiction is a disease—not a character flaw, not a shortcoming—and that it can be treated. Recovery is possible—the first step is to be honest with yourself about what you are up against.

Signs of Addiction

For those struggling with drug addiction, there are several common signs and symptoms. A few of them include:

  • You are taking drugs that were not prescribed to you, or you are taking them in ways other than the ones prescribed.
  • You are secretive or dishonest in order to hide your drug habits.
  • You spend a great deal of your time and focus on obtaining or using drugs.
  • You withdraw from favorite activities or meaningful relationships because of your drug habit.
  • You attempt to quit using drugs but are unsuccessful.
  • You go for long periods without using drugs and experience withdrawal symptoms—nausea, headaches, tremors, etc.

What Causes Drug Abuse and Addiction?

One of the factors that make drug addiction difficult to diagnose and to treat is the fact that there is seldom one root cause. More often, it is a combination of different causes. These factors may be social, environmental or genetic. Drug use can be triggered by trauma, by unhealthy family dynamics, and even by mental illness or co-occurring conditions such as stress, anxiety or depression.

How to Get Help for Your Drug Addiction

The good news for those struggling with addiction is that you can get better. You can be free from your addiction. Recovery is yours for the taking. The first step is to admit to having a problem and to needing help. From there, it is best to seek treatment from a clinical addiction recovery facility. Our team of facility partners can provide a customized plan for recovery, one that encompasses spiritual, mental and physical health in equal measure. Call us today to ask about addiction recovery.

Signs You Are an Alcoholic

In addition to drug addiction, we also offer treatment for those struggling with alcoholism. Alcoholism is a dependence on alcohol that goes well beyond casual drinking. Again, there are some telltale signs of alcoholism—some of which include:

  • Lying about or attempting to hide your drinking habits.
  • Drinking to mitigate stress or depression.
  • Experiencing regular blackouts due to excessive drinking.
  • Being unable to stop drinking once you start.
  • Attempting to quit drinking but being unsuccessful.
  • Experiencing withdrawal pains—shakes, tremors, headaches, etc.—when you try to abstain from alcohol.

Risk Factors for Alcoholism

As with drug addiction, alcoholism can stem from various factors, and it is not necessarily the same from one person to the next. The factors leading to alcoholism can be social, environmental or biological. Genetics certainly play a big role, but other stressors or triggers can also worsen an alcohol addiction problem.

How to Get Help for Alcoholism

There is hope for those with alcoholism—and it starts with admitting that you have a problem. From there, clinical detox and addiction treatment are both recommended. Above It All Treatment’s facility partners provide immersive recovery experiences, allowing you to develop the tools needed for lifelong sobriety, and even equipping you with the necessary aftercare resources.

To learn more about recovery from addiction, we invite you to learn more about Above It All Treatment . Give us a call today to begin the process of healing, and to start freeing yourself from addiction.


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