What Happens in Treatment for Addiction?

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As you make the decision to pursue addiction recovery treatment, you may experience mixed emotions. The thought of sober living—of freedom from the ravages of drug or alcohol addiction—is a joyous one, but the thought of the actual recovery process can be nerve-racking. If you have never been through addiction recovery treatment before you may not know what to expect—so let us provide you with some insight.

First and foremost, you can expect to be greeted by an understanding and well-trained staff, enthusiastic about your recovery and eager to help you achieve a life of hope and healing. We will fight for your recovery, because it is our #1 goal.

More specifically, we know that no two clients are ever the same, so all of our processes are individualized. With that said, we can offer a rough outline of what you can expect from Above It All Treatment.

About Your Rehab Treatment

It all starts with a conversation. When you arrive at one of the facility partners of Above It All Treatment, you will speak with an addiction recovery specialist, whose job is to conduct a full evaluation. What they are trying to determine here is the nature and the extent of your addiction, and the best possible treatment plan for you. We will work with you to devise an addiction recovery path that will provide meaningful results—something you will be comfortable with and hopeful about.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

From there, detox is a crucial next step. Though this can be a little daunting, the truth is that addiction recovery simply is not possible without detox. Detox provides you with the blank page you need on which to write your own story of recovery.

Detox at one of Above It All’s facility partners is all clinically supervised, meaning they will ensure your complete safety and work to minimize withdrawal pains. This is far preferable to doing a home or “DIY” detox, which can sometimes be unsafe or bring a high risk of relapse.

Residential Treatment

From detox, you will transition into a residential treatment program with a partner facility. This will provide you with an immersive and holistic approach to addiction recovery. We want to help you build a life of total health—physically, emotionally and spiritually—and as such, you can participate in yoga, exercise, hikes, one-on-one therapies, group support sessions and more. These facilities boast luxurious accommodations and a robust nutritional program.

Life Skills and Planning

We will also work with you to plan for your life outside our facility, which can sometimes be the most challenging part. Our mission is to give you a firm foundation, on which you can build a lifetime of recovery, and as such we will work with you to develop strategies for preserving and improving on the progress you make with us.

Relapse Prevention

Specifically, we will work with you to identify your triggers and create some strategies for either managing these triggers or avoiding them. We will also coach you on what you can do if you do relapse, which by no means the end of your recovery journey.

Maintaining Your Sobriety in Sober Living

We will provide you with everything you need to continue living a sober life, free of addiction—and that includes access to ongoing support groups and other aftercare services. When you come to Above It All, you can expect expertise from our partners—but more than that, you can expect to be cared for.

We want to help you start your new life of hope and healing. Join us today by calling our admissions team.

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