United Health Insurance Coverage for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

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Will United Healthcare (UHC) Insurance Policies Cover Drug Rehab & Alcohol Rehab?

United Healthcare insurance policies can often cover 100% of costs associated with drug rehab and alcohol rehab treatment. UHC offers their policy holders a range of coverage levels for mental health, drug abuse, alcoholism and other behavioral health treatments. Treatment and therapies for behavioral health concerns fall under a branch of UnitedHealth Group called Optum Provider Express or United Behavioral Health (UBH). These benefits can cover outpatient and inpatient.

A huge benefit for Optum/ United Behavioral Health (UBH) policy holders is that there is no pre-authorization required for many outpatient treatments and programs.

Every UnitedHealth plan is different, so it’s important to understand what your specific plan covers. Reading through your policy can be confusing, which is why we offer a free verification of benefits program. Submit this secure form and one of our trained treatment specialists will contact you 100% free of charge.

Types of Services Often Covered by United Insurance Plans:

What Portion of Addiction Rehab Costs is Covered by United Healthcare Policies?

How much UHC/ UBH will cover varies from plan to plan and based on the type of drug rehab or alcohol rehab you would like to attend.

For example, some UnitedHealth policies have a 0% copayment for addiction treatment but you may need to meet 100% of your yearly deductible before being able to use your rehab insurance benefits. How much is covered will also depend on the person you are using your benefits for (yourself as the policy primary, a spouse, child, family member, other dependent, etc) and the type of plan (HMO, PPO, or other).

What Are My Options if My UHC Policy Doesn’t Cover 100% of Substance Abuse Treatment Costs?

Many insurance plans have a yearly maximum amount that you are allowed to pay out of your own pocket (out-of-pocket maximum). Once you pay the yearly maximum amount, your benefits will cover 100% of healthcare expenses.

Other Financing Options to Cover Rehab Treatment

We offer flexible financing options for plans with no out-of-pocket maximum and for people who cannot afford to pay all of their out-of-pocket maximum. You can apply online through our fast and easy form.

You can take out a loan for yourself or a loved one to pay  the remaining cost of rehab treatment that your insurance plan doesn’t cover.

Important Information on Your UnitedHealthcare Insurance Card:

•    Your Member ID (example: 123456789)
•     Member and Dependent Names (Your First & Last Name and Covered Others)
•     Health Plan or Group Number (example: 911-87726-04)
•     Benefit Plan Name (example: United Healthcare Choice Plus-HRA)

Have Questions About Using Insurance to Cover Rehab?

Contact Us to speak with a qualified treatment specialist at no cost to you.