Family Support

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With any disease, family involvement and support is paramount in the treatment and healing processes. Just as a cancer patient needs love and support from their family while undergoing treatment, so needs an addict that is beginning the addiction treatment process. We at Above It All Treatment believe that in order for an addict to truly heal, and continue their sobriety, the family members of the addicted individual should be actively participating in the road to recovery, not only as support during drug detox and drug addiction treatment, but in order to better understand the necessary tools to keep a recovering addict in sobriety and away from the temptations of relapse.

Family Intervention Services:

A family drug and alcohol intervention has proven to be more successful than individual interventions, as the time of intervention has to be a powerful moment that shocks the addict into realizes the extent of their drug or alcohol dependency, and pushes them to WANT to get better. A family addiction intervention is also the gateway to healing the relationships of the family members that may have been damaged during the time of the addiction. This intervention will not only inspire the addict towards the path of healing, but also inspires the family to use their love and support to heal all relationships and effects that drugs and alcohol have caused.

Family Addiction Counseling:

Just as the individual addicted to drugs and alcohol is attending counseling to learn how to stay sober, the family of that addict should also be involved with family addiction counseling. These counseling programs teach the family members what to expect as the addict is in treatment, what to expect after treatment – and in aftercare or sober living programs – and how they can help the addict after treatment in their return to sobriety. Family support is a rock that every recovering addict must cling to initially as they learn to stand on their own again.

Ongoing Family and Addiction Support:

Even after the drug and alcohol detox, addiction treatment program, and aftercare, families often need continued support for the many questions they may have going forward. Likewise, the recovering addict may run into troubles with their newly found sobriety, become anxious, or need someone to talk to. Family counseling, and marital counseling services is available-to, and recommended for our recovering patients and their families.

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