Above It All Residential Treatment Center

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Finding the right treatment facility for successful recovery is important, and requires a determination of  each individual’s needs and goals for recovery. Not every individual requires the same level of care and while some people require inpatient treatment, where they are directly monitored by staff, others are able to live at home and commute to therapy sessions. Some clients are in need of a long-term treatment program, while others can recover in just a month or two. Many individuals elect to receive treatment in a residential treatment center that provides them with a comfortable living space that helps them escape the pressures and triggers of home. Above It All’s luxurious residential facility allows clients to recover in a safe and controlled environment.Above-It-All-Residential-Treatment-Center

Residential Treatment Center

Above It All is a residential treatment center located in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, near Los Angeles, California, overlooking Lake Arrowhead. Our treatment center offers clients a breathtaking view of nature. The majestic scenery surrounding our facility makes it the perfect location for residential treatment, away from hectic lifestyles and the pressures of the city. Our therapists help clients connect with nature, allowing them to benefit from the peace and serenity only a location such as ours can provide.

Our residents enjoy comfortable home-like accommodations, relaxing common areas, and access to beautiful outdoor living areas. Our gourmet chef prepares nutritionally balanced meals that are reviewed by a nutritionist and that provide whole food choices for optimum health. Lake Arrowhead offers many different sober activities that clients can make use of during and after recovery. The closeness clients feel to nature at our facility helps restore calm and balance in their lives. 

Residential Drug Abuse Program

residential treatment centerAbove It All offers a residential drug abuse program that is client-based and that uses an approach that address mind, body and spirit in recovery. Our therapists are specialized in various treatment methods, including yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy, and EMDR therapy. We use the 12-step recovery method that provides clients additional support during and after treatment. Many of our programs focus on connecting clients with nature, which helps to elevate mood and improve motivation. Our holistic therapies work in tandem with our serene location to provide individuals with a program that helps them reconnect with nature and with a higher power, both of which are vitally beneficial for recovery.

Above It All has a treatment program that can help any individual recover. Our drug treatment center specialized in client-based recovery, meaning each individual that we serve recovers at their own pace and with programs that address their specific needs. Our therapists guide each client and their loved ones through the recovery process, offering family support groups for drug addiction and sober living options after rehab.

Our residential treatment facility has everything needed for complete recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction. We treat any kind of addiction, including individuals in need of dual diagnosis treatment. Our caring and compassionate staff offers the highest level of care, and the recovery and wellbeing of our clients is our highest priority.

Our compassionate admissions staff is standing by; ready to answer any questions you might have about our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs.