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How Do You Reverse The Effects Of Alcohol On The Body?

Excessive drinking over an elongated period can result in serious damage to the brain and liver in addition to other health issues. The amount of damage is generally proportionate to the amount of time spent drinking and the consumption amounts throughout that period.

If you are seeking a change in lifestyle, the good news is that a portion of these negative effects can still be reversed. Though the journey is a difficult one, you will find that the benefits are well worth the effort.

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Steps To Reverse Effects Of Alcohol On The Body

1 – Stop drinking. According to a 2006 study by Stanford University, alcoholics who kick the bottle were able to regain mental abilities and cognitive skills. Results were generally seen following 13 months of complete abstinence and progressed over time.

2 – Nutrition is key! Make vegetables and fruits an everyday habit, choose whole grain alternatives over white flour carbohydrates and opt for white meat instead of red. Eat three meals daily alongside small snacks to keep your blood sugar at a healthy level. Avoid sugar, saturated fats and excess salt.

3 – Begin taking stem enhancers*. These are remedies that serve to grow new cells where damage is present. Some people have rebuilt up to 25% of their liver cells with the aid of stem enhancers; improving the health of the liver for years to come. *Always discuss with your physician before starting or taking any supplements, enhancers or medicines.

4 – Get physical! Routine physical activity should become the norm to help your body regain the strength lost during your drinking years. Exercise will also rid your body of toxins that have complied over time.

5 – Take milk thistle seeds. Native to parts of Africa, Europe and Asia, milk thistle is an herb commonly used to address liver issues. Though most people opt for the pill form, it can also be taken in as a tea. Be sure to take milk thistle as directed by the instructions provided on the package. Those who are currently on any prescription medication, are breastfeeding or pregnant are advised to consult with their physician before beginning a milk thistle regimen to avoid any adverse issues.

6 – Drink mineral water. Though it may sound silly, mineral water is widely considered a healthier alternative to tap water. When you drink mineral water, the minerals get deposited throughout the body, resulting in a variety of therapeutic benefits, the major one being the balance of the body overall.

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