Above It All In The San Bernardino Mountains

Set in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, Above It All Treatment Center is the premier drug and alcohol detox, rehab and treatment center in the Los Angeles vicinity. Above It All Treatment Center offers a modern, medical 12 step or non 12 step model based on treating each client as an individual.

Unlike other drug alcohol treatment programs, Above It All Treatment Center utilizes the latest scientific research to determine the most effective course of treatment.
The alcohol and drug detox process and treatment at Above It All Treatment Center is an active program that requires a one on one approach with the participation of each client in his or her own recovery.
Alcoholism rehab and treatment is the process with which alcohol abusers (alcoholics) are able to recover and restore their lives to an improved condition of that with which it was before they were drinking.

It is essential for an alcoholic to admit that there is a problem in order to receive help. Alcohol interventions have also been successful in getting less willing people to accept a treatment plan. Individuals going through an alcohol treatment program will want to look for a few key elements when trying to choose a plan that is right for them. For some people the location and proximity to their home is foremost. Many folks prefer to seek a calm and serene location where scenery is very important.

At Above It All Treatment Center premier alcohol and drug rehab centers in Los Angeles California, people find the perfect environment to start and stay sober. The mixing of the beach environment with the gorgeous coastal setting makes visitors feel a sense of rest and renewal. At Above It All Treatment Center, alcohol and drug rehab is like a vacation that is focused on the journey of self-discovery. Above It All Treatment Center drug and alcohol detox and rehab treatment center, is like a dream come true for most clients.

Rehab in Los Angeles metropolitan area is known to have some of the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in the world. Above It All Treatment Center is the premier drug and alcohol rehabilitation and detox facility that offers a more progressive, holistic approach. Many public people and celebrities choose Above It All Treatment Center because the rate of recovery is much higher than average and the setting is spectacular.  Give us a call today at 1-888-805-0127 and let’s get started on your recovery plan.

Signs Of Addiction: Who Do I Call?

Above It All Treatment and Recovery Center offers extensive recovery programs for those that are dealing with drug or alcohol addiction.  There are many different types of drug addiction, and they have the necessary skills to help you beat any type of addiction that you may be facing.  Addiction is definitely something that should not be taken lightly.  If you have a drug or alcohol problem, then you will need to get the proper medical treatment in order to make a full recovery.

Above It All Treatment and Recovery Center has a variety of advantages over the other facilities that you may be considering.  First of all, they offer many different types of treatment.  While the 12 step program may help most people, it may not be the only thing that you need to help you get through your addiction.  You will also find residential inpatient programs and outpatient therapy as well.  The program that you choose will be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Addiction is something that can creep up on you quickly.  You may not even realize that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol.  Dependency is something that can happen quickly, or it can happen over time.  Each person will have a different experience with addiction.  If addiction is something that runs in your family, then you may be more prone to becoming dependent on drugs or alcohol- even after just a short period of time.  Therefore, look for the signs of addiction and turn to Above It All Treatment and Recovery Center now.

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Your Rehab Survival Guide

Alcohol, drugs, and countless other addictions can pose extreme strain on the professional and personal life of an individual. Once the choice has been made to seek out recovery options, surviving the rehabilitation process becomes a priority worthy of the individual’s unabashed attention. For many rehab patients, this journey is one not one easily traveled. In the following entry, we will offer up a few tips to help you through the initial rehab process to ensure a successful and long-lasting recovery.

1 – Accountability is key. The first step to take in your recovery journey is the acknowledgement that you, and only you, are responsible for your success. If you are not completely invested in your own recovery, the help of others will do little to aid in your quest. Communicate your goals with close friends and relatives to gain support, and request help whenever needed. Though your recovery is dependant on you, a solid support system is vital on the road to success.

2 – Take a deep breath and throw yourself head-first into your Above It All treatment program. Participate in group activities and discussions, educate yourself on your addiction type, and take medications as advised by your addiction counselors. Create a structure and routine for your time to keep yourself accountable.

3 – Come to the understanding that you are addicted, out of control, and in need of help. Locate other people, be them staff or other patients within the rehabilitation program, to relate to. The more you are able to communicate and involve yourself with others, faster your recovery will take place.

4 – Learn how to attend to your feelings in a productive manner. With a focused and quiet mind, you can and will survive this process. Write our your future goals, and make lists that will help you determine how to reach them. By incorporating your recovery into your goal list, you will be able to prioritize your actions, while keeping your eye on the prize.

5 – Find an activity that makes you happy. From exercise and sports to music and arts, throwing yourself into something outside your own head will serve to keep you motivated, determined, and pushing forward. Who knows… you might even find a new career path! Explore your options, and pursue new avenues whenever able.

6 – Your rehabilitation staff is there for a reason. Use them when you are having doubts, concerns, or need to address a difficult question. These professionals, are highly trained in the areas of addiction and addiction recovery, and will be able to help point you in the right direction.

7 – Keep a journal. Writing in a daily journal will provide you with an outlet for your thoughts, while giving you a reference to keep throughout your journey. Jot down your feelings, poems, pictures, whatever you like! In time, you will wonder what you ever did without it.

When it comes to inpatient treatment programs in Southern CA, Above It All is a cut above the rest. Offering a comprehensive, innovative, and effective addiction treatment platform, Above It All has you covered for the personalized, high-quality care and attention you need to enjoy the quality of life you deserve. Call us today!

A Glimpse Into Our Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment Program

If you’re considering addiction recovery at Above It All treatment center, you may be wondering what to expect throughout the experience. In this entry, we will offer a glimpse into our inpatient drug alcohol treatment program to provide you with a better idea.

What To Expect

Inpatient drug addiction programs offer patients group and individual therapies to aid in the recovery experience. With the personal education and awareness conveyed during treatment, studies show a higher rate of success when compared to patients taking a solo route.

Patients arriving at Above It All will be expected to complete inpatient paperwork, including permission-to-treat and insurance forms. Once paperwork has been completed, luggage is checked before escorting patients to their rooms. Checking personal belongings is a necessary aspect of treatment to ensure no concealed substances make their way into the facility.

During the initial stay, patient phone calls and visits are kept to a minimum. Patients are permitted to communicate with loved ones through our family counseling, alongside a licensed therapist. In this way, family members are able to hear what their loved ones are going through, and the changes taking place throughout treatment.

Patients are also encouraged to attend 12 step meetings on a daily basis. These meetings serve to keep our patients focused, while providing them with a sense of support and education. In many cases, patients will continue attending 12 step meetings  well after their rehab completion.


Upon admission, patients are assigned an addiction counselor to help support and monitor their progress throughout treatment. This individual offers private therapy throughout the week, in addition to family therapy sessions.

People turn to rehab programs for a variety of reasons, and unfortunately they are not always the right ones. Simply put, the recovery process will be ineffective unless a patient is truly invested in the rehabilitation process. Though many turn to recovery in an effort to avoid consequences with their family, job or through the court, these reasons alone will do little to ensure success in recovery without the proper mindset.

Time Frame

The amount of time patients spend in rehab varies. Determining factors regarding patient stay includes insurance restrictions, and the patient’s own view on their recovery. In some cases, patients may even opt to extend their rehabilitation stay in order to ensure a smooth and healthy transition back into society.

When the time comes to leave rehab, patients will still have a fair amount of work ahead of them. Follow-up treatment is common, and may include 12-step meetings or outpatient counseling. Maintaining sobriety can often be more difficult than slipping back into old habits. As such, it’s important for patients to continue their education and recovery methods well after they’ve left the Above It All grounds.

If you or someone you know are interested in learning more about your recovery options, our Above It All treatment specialists are on-hand to answer your questions. Give us a call today to speak with a representative and get on track towards the happy, sober and fulfilling lifestyle you’re after!

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Rehab

Rehab facilities address particular issues, including eating disorders, drug abuse and addiction. Different facilities often offer different types of programs, with a main distinction of outpatient and inpatient treatment plans. If you or someone you know is considering recovery options, the following entry will provide you with a little insight into the basic differences between these two treatment models.

Inpatient Care

Patients choosing to receive inpatient care are provided with 24-hour care while living at the facility. Most inpatient drug treatment facility programs last 30 – 90 days, but may last longer depending on the patient’s individual needs and progress. Many of these programs also offer medically assisted detox and therapy to help patients towards a fresh recovery start. Residents must adhere to facility rules and regulations, while maintaining a clean and positive mindset.

Outpatient Care

The main difference between outpatient and inpatient programs is the patient’s ability to retain a sense of routine outside of the program. Patients involved in an outpatient program are able to keep a job, attend school, and live at home throughout their treatment. Patients are typically required to attend meetings and check-ins at the facility throughout the week to ensure sobriety and healthy habits outside the facility walls.

Inpatient Environment

The environment within an inpatient program is very defined and highly structured. Patients are monitored constantly, both physically and mentally, while keeping to a healthy dose of individual counseling, group therapy, team activities and chores. As residents succeed within the program, they are provided with freedoms, responsibilities and praise. Because inpatient programs work to remove their residents from the constant reminders of their addictions, many find them a solid step forward on the road to sobriety.

Outpatient Environment

Outpatient facilities offer patients a great deal of flexibility throughout the recovery process. However, because patients are able to remain at home throughout their treatment, they are often forced to work harder to avoid old habits.

Which One Is For Me?

When it comes to deciding on a treatment program, patients should take the time to consider the severity of the addiction at hand, and their ability to put forth the extra effort at an outpatient recovery center. Where there is a doubt, there is risk.

Above It All

If you’re searching for an effective inpatient rehabilitation treatment facility, Above It All is the place to call! With a team of seasoned addiction specialists on-hand to assess and address your individual needs and goals, you can count on Above It All to have you smiling, sober and on the path towards the happy, clean and fulfilling lifestyle you deserve. Representatives are standing by. Call today!

Alcohol Drug Rehab Before a Holiday?

With St Patrick’s Day right around the corner getting sober might seem like a lost cause. There are so many times when someone thinks about getting sober yet that thought is followed by a million reasons why the timing just isn’t right….thoughts such as “I’ll get sober  tomorrow,”  “I’m just so stressed out right now maybe when things calm down a bit,”  “I’m dealing with x y and z I just can’t deal with all of that and get sober,” or what seems to be the most common justification of all  “(insert holiday here) is coming up and its unrealistic to think that I can stay sober through it and I want to have fun so I’ll get sober after (insert holiday here)…”

Regardless of the date or the circumstances anyone can attain sobriety at anytime. Here are a few suggestions and places available to you …

1. Check out rehabs that take insurance

2. Check out some local drug rehab blogs .they are here to provide information on rehab programs in California.

3. For alcohol addiction help you can check out California rehab centers or perhaps a 12 step centered recovery house

There is all sorts of information available via internet. Getting sober isn’t easy but well worth it. If you decide to get help you don’t need to go through anything alone ever again. It doesn’t matter if it’s just another day or your favorite holiday today can be the first day of the rest of your sober life…may it be full of joy and peace!


When Legal Problems Lead to Long Term Drug Rehabilitation

According to some estimates, as many as 60% of people in long term drug rehabilitation programs have legal problems as a result of their addictions to drugs or alcohol. Many of those in recovery have entered under a court-ordered mandate to complete a rehab program, while others enter as a proactive measure – to clean up their lives and potentially reduce charges or jail sentences.

The good news is that many addicts do succeed in a court-ordered or influenced addiction program.  Studies have shown time and time again, that treatment does not need to be voluntary to be effective. All addicts have the potential to relapse, and total, long lasting sobriety takes a lifetime commitment.

Proponents of court-ordered rehab believe that in spite of relapse percentages, these rehab stays can be effective. Relapse can occur even when clients enter voluntarily, and  abstinence rates are  relatively high among those that successfully complete all court ordered affordable rehab stays. Even if just a small percentage of addicts are given the necessary tools to recover from their addictions, the ultimate cost to the tax payer drops considerably –  estimates are that one tax dollar spent towards drug treatment yields a seven dollar tax savings to society at large.

For many struggling with the pain of dependence, admittance to a court ordered rehab program is eventually seen to be a great stoke of luck. Not only does mandated treatment allow the addict to sidestep incarceration, it also grants them access to comprehensive drug dependency treatment.

Statistics show that the motivation for entry into a program has little effect on the likelihood of  successful recovery, the odds that an addiction can be beaten once and for all through court-ordered drug rehab is fairly high. Full participation in court mandated long term aftercare also increases the odds of success and long term sobriety.

Drug court mandated drug rehab treatment is no guarantee of a future of sobriety, and some degree of relapse is to be expected. Addicts assigned to court ordered drug rehab and court funded drug and alcohol addiction treatment do have the opportunity to better their lives as well as avoid jail. Court ordered drug rehab operates as a needed lifeline to many struggling with addiction, and although most addicts don’t see it as a blessing when arrested, they are often ultimately grateful for  lifesaving treatment.

Court ordered or entry to drug rehab as a way to avoid jail time may not work in every case, but when it does, both the addict and society as a whole benefit. If addiction has caused legal problems for you or someone important to you, contact us today to learn more about drug rehab in California.

CA Drug Rehabs Save Lives

A California drug rehabilitation center knows that being an addict is one of the hardest things a person can go through during their entire lifetime. But, seeking treatment to come out of it sober and healthy can seem even harder to someone who has lived this life for as long as some addicts have. Even though substance abuse has taken away part of a person’s life that they can’t get back, they can build a new one that can be better because it will be free of drugs and alcohol.

If you are thinking it is time to make the step to becoming a clean and sober person who takes control of their life, looking in to a California drug rehabilitation facility is going to give you the confidence you need to finally make the right choice. Being able to be amongst the trees, scenic mountains, far removed from the preconceived notions you might have of California and relaxing while learning how to recover from the addiction is going to help you maintain the clear and level head that you need while still reveling in the beauty you might have missed while on drugs or abusing alcohol.

When you are looking in to a California drug rehabilitation treatment center to possibly bring someone you love, the objective you have is saving their life. You have watched them spiral downward and out of control for who knows how long, and all you want is for them to get better. Having medically trained professionals on staff who have the expertise and knowledge to not only take care of your loved one physically by helping them to get off of drugs and alcohol, but also treat them mentally to prepare them for becoming productive members of your family, friends, and the society in which they want live soberly should be make a great case for why this person should check themselves in.

No matter what substances you or your loved one may have been abusing, the one universal truth about all of them is that you cannot quit alone; you need help to become healthy again. Admitting that is the first step and getting therapy in a California drug rehabilitation clinic is the second. The third and final step is to take the teachings that you have learned from everyone you encounter inside of the treatment facility and putting them in to practice in the real world.

A California rehab is the best of all worlds: a beautiful location, amazing physicians, remarkable therapists, and people just like you or your loved one who are seeking to live a life free from the chains of addiction. California rehab centers save lives; as many as they can. Every time someone enters a clinic they are given the same opportunity to live a healthy life that the last person who walked through the doors was, and the next person to come in will. What they do with it is up to them and their loved ones.

Choosing Inpatient or Outpatient Alcohol Drug Rehab

What’s the difference between inpatient and outpatient alcohol drug rehab? One obvious difference is that during inpatient rehab, the patient stays at a rehab center; during outpatient rehab, the patient does not. When choosing on a drug rehab, counselors more often recommend inpatient treatment. Why? Well, one main reason is that it is difficult to control the addict and triggers and temptations to use while in an outpatient rehab protocol. Most addicts cannot control their urges to use while undergoing detox at the same time as living within the environment in which he or she became addicted in. This makes outpatient rehab too difficult for most people. In order to have the best chance at recovery, every aspect of the user’s environment must be changed. This is impossible through outpatient rehab.

When an addict checks in to our California drug rehab center, he or she has many advantages not available to those choosing an outpatient treatment program.

Around the clock support:

Detox is never easy, and can even be life-threatening. In a 24-hour facility there is staff on duty around the clock to make sure that you have the support you need and are safe during this process.


One of the most difficult adjustments addicts have to make is learning to live a life without drugs or alcohol. Starting sobriety in a neutral environment, away from drug-buddies and drug providers enables one to build up the strength required to go back to their “real life” without succumbing to the temptations of drugs.

Time to Focus on You:

When undergoing this life change, it is important to focus on your own needs, rather the demands of job and family. Checking into an inpatient rehab ensures that all of your focus and energy are spent on yourself, not  others.


Often people who abuse drugs and alcohol do not live their lives on consistent schedules. Finding, using and recovering from using drugs and alcohol takes up all of an addict’s time and energy. Getting into a normal schedule is important. During your stay in rehab, you’ll wake up, eat and sleep at the same time every day – slowly easing into a normal daily schedule that sober people take for granted.

After detoxing, users may be free of the addictive substance, but it takes a lot of therapy and practice in order to free the mind. Every aspect of life must be changed in order to continue sobriety, and a stay in an inpatient drug addiction rehab treatment center is the best chance of a successful start to a happy, healthy life free of drugs and alcohol.