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The Alcoholic Addict and Dealing with Other Addictions in Sobriety

As alcoholics in recovery we may or may not encounter other forms of addiction that can pop up throughout our sobriety. There are some alcoholics that only need alcohol addiction help or some addicts that only need a 30 day rehab, AA, or a Los Angeles rehab because they don’t experience the addictive behavior with things other than alcohol or drugs. Then there is the other type who after getting sober realizes that  either they’ve replaced their main addiction with  something else or have  began to see that they have had problems in other areas all along but weren’t aware of them until now. For this kind of alcoholic it seems sometimes more difficult to address these situations then it was to address our alcoholism partially because the devastation and wreckage from alcoholism was perhaps more noticeable then these other addictions. Addictions can begin to surface in areas least expected such as food, men, women, shopping, excersising etc. Though not necessarily shocking. After all we as alcoholics are constantly seeking elevated moods. Whatever it is we pray and work the steps around it the way we do with alcohol. We begin to realize that if we have faith and do the work the battle with any addiction can be won. We begin to get more connected to our truest , and purest selves and start to see that if we love ourselves then we don’t need to constantly try to fill the hole with people, places, and things  that not only hurt us but also never really fix us either.

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