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The Alcoholic and Financial Insecurity

In the scope of our addiction and/or alcoholism, we may have moved like Tasmanian devils through other peoples’ lives.  It may not have only been other people we affected; perhaps we tore through our savings like a tornado through Kansas on a hot, muggy day.  Our financial stability is long since gone due to our actions & behaviors.  Maybe we burned through money with no thought of anything other than our next drink and/or drug.  We may have sold things which, under other circumstances, we would have never parted subsequently using whatever paltry sum we could hustle to try to feed & fill that hole within us.

Right now, our financial state may cause a near-heart-stopping fear.  How do we fix all of this?  Where do we start?  The terror may cause us to freeze in our financial tracks.  Even though we are no longer imbibing, we may still spend willy-nilly.  Fear not, with every step forward, we are given a new opportunity to make a different choice.

As we approach our new lives, it is important to remember the damage we did not occur overnight; nor will the repair happen within one day.  We must not beat ourselves up for these mistakes nor must we revel in our past financial transgressions.  It is time to learn a new way; a way built on action of pennies into piggy banks and not grandiose ideas of rolling around on feather beds stuffed with hundreds.

Within the walls of this Los Angeles drug rehabilitation center, the opportunity to take stock of the financial damage we may have created, without letting it eat us inside out, is facilitated by the understanding staff.   Though we may have incurred great debt, it is possible to return to a healthy financial life.  There are many who have lost thousands, if not more, and have been able to return to a place of, if not riches, a steady life with their finances in check.  It can be done.

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