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The Alcoholic and Letting Go

Sometimes it can be difficult for us as alcoholics to let go of things. Sometimes because of fear and sometimes because of the idea that we know what’s best for us. We have a desire to hold onto and control things because in our mind they might still work for us or will work us again one day. The fact is that if we have taken an honest 3rd step after receiving alcohol addiction help then we know that God will and is taking care of us …And that whatever gets in the way of our sobriety and quality of life will be taken away. It is imperative that we rely on our higher power. Especially when we are new and going into a drug addiction detox, AA meetings, or some type of 30 day rehab program. If we do the work we can be certain that we are more than taken care of. We can be sure that the things we aren’t ready to let go of but need to are things that we no longer need and are capable of letting go of with God’s help. The only requirement in order to achieve sobriety is a desire to stop drinking … but how do we get to that point? Through our higher powers grace and love and an unshakable faith that nothing absolutely nothing happens in Gods world by mistake. To think that we have better ideas is to think that we know better than God and it isn’t until we can let go and except that we don’t that we can recover.

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