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At Above It All Treatment Center, we have a simple mission. We want to provide the tools and structures for lasting recovery. We want to help those struggling with addiction find their way back from substance abuse and dependence, and we want to see them do so as safely as possible. Moreover, once our clients are on the road to recovery, we want to see them stay on that road, making continuous progress throughout the rest of their lives.

Environment and Experience

Houses and Facilities


The Above It All Experience

Above It All Treatment Center is located in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, California. We are truly blessed by our scenic environment, which is peaceful, tranquil and idyllic—the perfect environment for individuals to be inspired and to focus on their own health and well-being. Our location is also wonderfully secluded, ensuring that we can protect the privacy of all of our clients.

We also offer cottage-style housing that is comforting and luxurious—inviting you to flop down and make yourself right at home. This includes a number of houses and apartments in which our clients can focus on their recovery—as comfortably and peacefully as possible. The Above It All facilities also encompass a gym and plenty of walking trails—perfect for enjoying the beauty of the lake and the grandeur of the surrounding mountains. As we like to tell our clients, you can get lost in nature—and rediscover yourself in the process!

Additional facts about our partner residential treatment facilities include:

  • They have an on-site, clinically supervised drug and alcohol detox center, where clients can safely and effectively rid their bodies of harmful toxins.
  • We are proud to offer a range of spaces where our clients can meet and mingle with other people and enjoy the community environment.
  • Above It All’s partners also offer on-site sober living and transitional living facilities for those who need them through our facility partners.

To learn more about our network of facilities, contact us today to arrange a visit.


The Above It All Program

Of course, what ultimately sets Above It All apart is our treatment program. At Above It All, we exercise the best addiction treatment processes and protocols in the world, tailoring everything to meet our clients’ individual needs and supporting them through lifelong recovery. These are all facilitated through our trusted network of facility partners.

The process invariably begins with detoxification, an important step in establishing a foundation for recovery. Our parts offer detox programs that are clinically supervised, safe and effective. From there they offer inpatient treatment, a holistic process that encompasses physical activity, group therapies, one-on-one counseling and more. As our focus is on lasting sobriety, Above It All also offers life skills and planning, relapse prevention and more.

The Above It All experience includes all of this and more—everything directed by our overarching desire to provide meaningful, lasting change. If you find yourself or a loved one struggles with drugs like opiatescocainemeth, or other substances and alcohol, we sincerely want to help you end the pain that addiction is causing in your life. Start that process of change now by contacting Above It All.