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Addiction recovery is a process—a journey that lasts a lifetime. For most people, getting started on that journey is the toughest part. Addiction is often accompanied by denial. Many people try to quit “cold turkey” on their own; when this happens, there are often significant physical withdrawal effects. Above It All Treatment Center was founded to provide direction, support and compassionate treatment for those traveling down this tough but rewarding road. We are dedicated to helping our clients detox safely and effectively, and providing the tools and structures needed for lifelong recovery.

Above It All Treatment Center was founded in 2009. What sets us apart is our compassion and our absolute dedication to each client. We genuinely care about all the individuals we see—and though our team members are all highly trained, what really makes us shine is how dedicated we are to fighting for our clients and for their lifelong sobriety.

Drug and Alcohol Detox

From the minute you pick up the phone and call us, we are here to support you. When you are welcomed into one of Above It All Treatment Center’s partner facilities, you will get a full evaluation from one of our addiction care specialists, who will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan. No two individuals are ever alike, so we always take a tailored approach to each client’s addiction recovery and care.

With that said, the treatment process always begins with detox. Withdrawal from drugs or from alcohol can result in painful physical and psychological symptoms, and can even be life threatening when attempted outside of a controlled, clinical environment. This is why professionally supervised detox is so important. At Above It All, detoxification is provided under the 24/7 supervision of trained and experienced staff in a safe and comfortable environment in a partner facility. They provide client-centered and medicinally supported care customized for each individual client.

Inpatient Care

After detox is complete, you transition through a partner facility into our residential care program. Above It All Treatment Center is blessed with a truly wondrous mountain environment—the scenic beauty of Lake Arrowhead providing an ideally tranquil, quiet, inspiring and confidential place to focus on health and wellness. Above It All’s partners also offer facilities with amenities like a gym and other common areas and amenities, plus weekly activities, trips, fitness opportunities and much more.

Above It All Treatment Center’s partners provide programs that heals both the body and the mind—encompassing physical activity, nutrition, group therapies, one-on-one counseling, the spiritual healing of nature and more. The goal is to provide clients with the resources they need for a lifetime of recovery.

Life Skills and Relapse Prevention

The recovery process does not end just because a client leaves our facility. On the contrary, recovery is an ongoing process with new challenges every day. Many times, Addiction prevents or destroys the basic skills required to participate and function in life, and with this inability comes decreased self-confidence and increased stress—all of which increases the chance of relapse.

As such, part of our mission is to prepare clients for their transition back into everyday life. Our Life Skills education provides clients the opportunity to learn and practice fundamental skills critical to maintaining a healthy and productive life. These skills include budgeting, time management, punctuality and career building. Our clients learn to use these skills to grow and arm themselves against the unavoidable stressors they will face.

Relapse prevention is also a big focus. The stresses of normal life can often trigger relapse in recovering addicts, and that relapse can be serious—even life threatening. This is why it is imperative that our clients leave Above It All with practiced strategies for preserving their sobriety.

Beginning while in treatment, clients learn how to use Above It All’s extensive aftercare department, keeping them connected with a national network of alumni groups, counseling, therapy and recovery resources essential to maintaining sobriety after treatment. We support all of our clients long after they discharge from our facilities.

The First Step Toward Lifelong Recovery

At Above It All Treatment Center, we are passionate about helping our clients find healing, wholeness and hope. We provide our clients support and encouragement from the initial admission phase all the way to our sober living programs and beyond.

Above It All Treatment Center TestimonialsTo learn more about what this mission could mean in your own life, or in the life of your friend or loved one, we encourage you to call us today.