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The Importance of Honesty in Receiving Alcohol Addition Help

When we first get sober we need to get honest with ourselves and others before we can receive alcohol addiction help. For starters we need to admit that we have a problem and that we are alcoholics to our innermost selves and then we can begin to get honest with others. After that we might need the assistance of an addiction program in Los Angeles and we must once again get honest this time about the fact that we can’t do this alone. This necessity for honesty does not stop but gets more important yet easier for most as time goes by. We might have to be honest with our Los Angeles rehab, sponsor, friends, and family if something is going on with us because our secrets can keep us sick and can eventually kill us. Honesty is not a familiar concept at first for alcoholics since we’ve often felt like we’ve had to lie and that it worked for us when we were using in regards to defending our right to drink as well as attempting to hide our disease but as time goes by and we recover sober alcoholics can be some of the most honest and reliable people in this world. We find we no longer have to lie, and can be honest because with our new found life and “ second chance” we have no need to hide things. We have a higher power that can handle any situation when we live an honest and loving lifestyle.

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