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Tips for a Sober Halloween from a Los Angeles Rehab Center

California rehab centers know that one of the scariest things about Halloween is the number of drunk or drugged drivers hitting the roads this night. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics show that Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights of the year for alcohol and drug-related traffic deaths. About 44 percent of all traffic deaths on Halloween occur are the direct result of intoxicated driver getting behind the wheel. Compared to other holiday periods, Halloween night has one of the highest proportions of substance-related traffic deaths, ahead of both Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Substance abuse takes lives the entire year through, but Halloween is an especially dangerous day. For some, this Halloween may be a wake-up call, a time to seek an affordable rehab center, while others who have already found peace and joy in sobriety may find temptation in this holiday. Here are some tips to help you stay sober during the Halloween festivities:

1. If you’re not sure there will be non-alcoholic beverages available to you during the celebrations,  bring your own.

2. Avoid areas in which alcoholic drinks are being served, or people are using.

3. Stay busy! Chat, dance, keep moving. Don’t think about the fact you’re not using or drinking.

4. Be sure to eat before leaving the house, so that you’re not hungry.

5. If you feel the temptation to use drugs or alcohol is becoming too much, just make a speedy exit.

6. Chances are, there’s at least one other person at the party who is also sober. Find them and stick together!

8. Why not spend Halloween at a 12-Step meeting? Many groups plan special events for this night.

9. Keep your sponsor’s number handy, and don’t hesitate to use it.

Many people who need alcohol drug rehab, have not yet found their way into drug addiction rehab treatment. Although we empathize with them, and hope they find the help they need, that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying this festive time of year. Think of Halloweens past, spent in a drug or alcohol-induced haze; the blackouts and depression and sadness. This year, follow our tips to celebrate sober and enjoy all that the holiday has to offer.

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